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Welcome to Finesse Cyberhub’s Cognitive Security Operations Center (CSOC), your gateway to tailored security services. At our CSOC, we specialize in fortifying your security program through a suite of personalized solutions. Our expertise spans across threat management, cloud security, infrastructure fortification, data protection, identity management, and rapid response strategies.


As your trusted advisors, the specialists within Finesse Cyberhub’s CSOC are dedicated to comprehensively addressing your security needs. Whether it’s addressing foundational security requirements or navigating intricate challenges, our team ensures vigilant monitoring and proactive management of security incidents every hour, every day.

Explore our cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art facilities, and streamlined processes — empowering your organization with unmatched security solutions.

Finesse's Managed SOC for 24/7 Monitoring & Control of Events & Alerts

Finesse, a global leader in the digital transformation and cybersecurity, has introduced a cutting-edge Cognitive Security Operations Center (CSOC). This state-of-the-art SOC embodies Finesse’s commitment to substantial investment in cybersecurity, solidifying its position as a premier SOC service provider. The newly established center empowers organizations worldwide to elevate their security stance by actively detecting, analyzing, and swiftly responding to cyber threats within their digital environments, ensuring enhanced protection.



What is a Security Operations Center (SOC)?

A security operations center (SOC) as a service includes the people, processes, and technologies responsible for monitoring, analyzing, and maintaining an organization’s information security. The SOC acts as the corporation’s intelligence hub, capturing data in real-time from the company’s networks, servers, endpoints, and other digital assets and using intelligent automation to identify, prioritize, and respond to potential cybersecurity threats.

Previously, the SOC processes and technology were believed to be a heavyweight infrastructure that only very large or security-conscious companies could afford. However, with the advent of new collaboration tools and security technology, many enterprises have established virtual SOC processes and technology that do not require a dedicated facility and can be staffed by part-time security, operations, and development personnel.

In addition, many organizations establish managed SOC infrastructure or hybrid SOCs, which combine in-house resources with tools and expertise from Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs).Managed SOC solutions provide a high level of visibility, automation, and security expertise that can improve the overall security posture of any organization. With managed SOC solutions, organizations can identify threats quickly and respond to incidents rapidly.

Why does your Business need a Security Operation Center as a service?

In today’s digital landscape, the escalating ambitions of companies in their digital transformation efforts have elevated the significance of cybersecurity and data privacy. According to PwC, 42% of CEOs identify cyber and data privacy as pivotal areas impacting companies as they advance their digital endeavors. However, the inherent value of digital transformation comes hand in hand with amplified risks, particularly the looming threat of intrusion and cyberattacks on digital infrastructures.

The global surge in cyberattacks, notably highlighted by a Kaspersky study reporting a staggering 190% increase since the onset of the pandemic in March 2020, emphasizes the critical need for robust cybersecurity measures. These attacks not only wreak financial havoc on businesses and their customers but also erode trust, leading to reputational, legal, financial, and regulatory repercussions.

Amid this landscape, businesses grapple with the necessity of proactive defense strategies. While preventing cyberattacks entirely is an unattainable feat, organizations must equip themselves with the technology and processes necessary to anticipate, identify, mitigate the impact, and restore stability post-incident. These vital functions find their centralized hub in a Security Operations Center (SOC) as a service.

Recognizing the imperative need to combat cyber threats, Finesse has launched its cutting-edge Cognitive Security Operations Center (CSOC), operational round the clock. Tailored specifically for business clients, our state-of-the-art SOC offers a cost-effective solution to shield their digital infrastructure from the escalating threat landscape of cyberattacks.

What Does a Security Operations Center Do?

Small, five-person operations to large, national coordination centers are all illustrations of SOCs. The following are typical elements of a mission statement for a midsize SOC:

1. Cybersecurity incident prevention through proactive measures:

  • Continuous threat analysis
  • Network and host vulnerability scanning
  • Coordination of countermeasure deployment
  • Security policy and architecture consulting

2. Monitoring, detecting, and analysing potential intrusions in real-time and historical trending on security-relevant data sources.

3.Response to confirmed incidents on time by coordinating resources and directing the use of appropriate countermeasures

4. Risk and compliance capabilities to ensure industry and government regulations are followed

5. Providing situational awareness and reporting on cybersecurity status, incidents, and trends in adversary behavior to appropriate organizations.

Finesse Provides The Following Managed Soc Services

Zero trust provisioning
  • Obtaining awareness of tools, software, hardware, technologies used within the business and enabling micro-segmentation and zero-trust security protocol across these resources. In addition, PIM and PAM & Multi-factor authentication tools will be used to restrict access and secure sensitive assets of clients.
Continuous proactive monitoring
  • SIEM & XDR tools and processes will be used to monitor suspicious activity on servers, databases, networks, applications, and other systems with the sole purpose of identifying potential security threats and stopping these threats as quickly as possible.
  • In addition, SOAR programs will be employed to amend and automate fixing these threats rapidly. SOAR stands for Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response.
  • This platform utilizes orchestration, automation, and response capabilities to coordinate the functions of various security controls.
  • With the use of SOAR technology, organizations can reduce the amount of human effort involved and manage incident response more efficiently.
Alert severity prioritization
  • Triage on threats, and address the most important issues first
Incident recovery and remediation
  • Once the cyberattack is neutralised, the SOC will restore systems to a baseline or an earlier stable state. It also involves identifying steps that need to be taken to reduce the impact of the cyberattack.
Root cause investigation / Forensic analysis
  • Figure out the cause of the cyberattack and use logs to identify steps in preventing similar problems in the future.
Preventive maintenance
  • Be informed on the latest security innovations and the latest trends in cybercrime. Then, take steps to stop these attacks on the organisation.
Patch management
  • Keep your systems secure, compliant and up-to-date
Management against a variety of cyberattacks
  • Malware, ransomware, distributed-denial-of-service attacks (DDOS), SQL injection, zero-day attacks, and DNS tunneling.
Endpoint security
  • Protection of computer networks that are remotely bridged to external devices (like customers or remote employees).

What makes Finesse's Cyberhub Cognitive Security Operations Center (CSOC) unique?

Finesse’s Cyberhub Cognitive Security Operations Center (CSOC) redefines cybersecurity with advanced technology and expert collaboration:

Cutting-Edge Technology

At Finesse, as the SOC-as-a-Service providers in the UAE and globally, we go beyond the foundations of a standard SOC. Our CSOC integrates advanced technology into a cloud-native platform, accelerating threat detection and resolution beyond traditional SOCs. Our platform accelerated threat detection, hunting, investigation, triaging, case management, and remediation.


Comprehensive Visibility

All logs, data, and telemetry will be ingested into the Finesse SOC Platform from as many relevant sources as feasible. With more data, enterprises will have a complete and accurate picture of what’s happening, allowing them to identify genuinely suspicious or malicious activities for further investigation.

Our platform takes advantage of each of the following log sources and data types:

  • Security events from both endpoints and network
  • Infrastructure and authentication
  • Traditional security protection solutions
  • Threat Intelligence
  • In-house Application data

Expert Team Collaboration

Our specialists—data scientists, security analysts, threat hunters, and responders—ensure top-notch security operations.


Complete MSSP Package

Alongside CSOC services, our MSSP includes CISO consulting, periodic Vulnerability Management & Penetration Testing Services, and adaptable support models for effective cybersecurity management.


Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) Services

The monitoring is carried out 24×7 to detect, identify and notify the security risks to the client’s digital assets. Security events captured by the security platform will be correlated with the custom rules and then reported as alarms to the team to investigate.

This correlation of security events with custom rules is vital for any organization because it helps to identify potential threats quickly and efficiently. The team can then take appropriate action to mitigate the risk.

Enhanced Managed Security Operations Center Services

Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) Services require project planning that involves determining and documenting a list of specific tasks, deadlines, and the additional costs involved. The outcome of any Enhanced Managed Security Service is to provide an effective and repeatable process for security services and quantify the engagement’s overall integrity, coverage, and thoroughness.

Finesse Cyberhub's Cognitive Security Operations Center (CSOC) Services

Our Cognitive Security Operations Center (CSOC) provides comprehensive cybersecurity services, ensuring robust protection against evolving threats. Here’s how our CSOC ensures proactive protection:

Threat Monitoring & Detection

Our fully managed SOC provides 24×7 real-time monitoring of security events related to your digital infrastructure. This continuous surveillance uses advanced threat detection, proactive monitoring, and stronger defense mechanisms against sophisticated cyber threats.

Incident Response & Management

Swift incident response strategies are deployed upon detection of security risks, ensuring timely mitigation and minimal impact on your operations.

Vulnerability Management

We identify and address system vulnerabilities promptly to prevent potential exploitation by threats.

Advanced Technologies

Implementing cutting-edge security technologies such as AI-driven threat detection, machine learning algorithms, and behavioral analytics for heightened security effectiveness.

Security Analytics & Reporting

Utilizing advanced analytics, we generate insightful reports to enhance your overall security posture and provide actionable insights.

Compliance Assistance

We ensure adherence to industry standards and regulatory requirements, maintaining your compliance and security alignment.

Correlation of Security Events

Security events captured by the platform are correlated with custom rules to efficiently identify potential threats. This correlation is vital, enabling us to swiftly detect threats and take appropriate action to mitigate risks.

Tailored Security Solutions

Customized security measures aligning strategies with unique risks, compliance requirements, and operational demands.

Specialized Expertise

Access to seasoned security professionals, threat intelligence analysts, and security consultants providing insights and guidance for a fortified security posture.


Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Vulnerability Management

Small, five-person operations to large, national coordination centers are all illustrations of SOCs. The following are typical elements of a mission statement for a midsize SOC:

  • Penetration Testing: Finesse’s penetration testing services exceed conventional assessments, ensuring a thorough evaluation of an organization’s security posture. We specialize in various types of penetration testing, including:
    • Black Box Testing: Simulating an external cyber-attack to evaluate the resilience of organization’s defenses.
    • White Box Testing: Conducting an in-depth assessment with full knowledge of organization’s infrastructure.
    • Gray Box Testing: Maintaining a balance between black and white box approaches, simulating an insider threat scenario.


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