Finesse helps support cybersecurity initiatives in the GCC

Finesse helps support cybersecurity initiatives in the GCC
As a regular participant at Gitex, how do you see its evolution over the years and supporting Finesse’s growth strategy?

Since its inception, Finesse has participated regularly at Gitex. In the past, Gitex was mainly focused on the GCC, but as Dubai and the UAE have become global innovation hubs, Gitex has become one of the world’s most important tech events.

Over the years, Finesse has also grown. Until a few years ago, it was recognised as the region’s leading Software Integrator (SI), but is now at the forefront of driving secured digital transformation, helping organisations stay ahead of the competition as they embark on their digital transformation journeys. In the past few years, the company has grown to support over 350 enterprise clients from 10 different global locations with over 450 employees.

What is the relevance of Cyberhub, your 24×7 SOC and Cyber Defense Centre?

In view of the growing need to supporting cybersecurity initiatives in the GCC, Finesse, has launched a fully functional state-of-the-art Security Operation Centre (SOC) in the UAE. With the launch of this centre, Finesse continues to invest substantially in the cybersecurity space. The newly opened SOC will enable organisations in the region improve their security posture significantly, by proactively detecting, analysing and responding to cyberthreats to their digital infrastructure 24/7/365.

The highlight of the SOC that would come as a boon for SMEs in the UAE would be its pay-as-you-go digital security solutions. Out of the 30+ services offered through the SOC, businesses can pay per use for any service they choose.

Who are your partners at Gitex?

By establishing strategic partnerships with forward-thinking software companies we ensure our clients get the most out of the latest technologies, that are tailored to their unique needs. This year, we have partnered with the leading cloud-based content company Hyland, the on-demand edge cloud service provider Zenlayer, and leading HR transformation solutions provider Adrenalin HRMS and AI Chatbot vendor

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