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What is a

Treasury Management System (TMS)

Corporate Treasury Management System (TMS) is shifting the tectonics of the business landscape and is in a global evolutionary stage. Fluctuating market demands and unprecedented restrictions are posing challenges for treasurers all across the world. So, you have reliable treasury management policies which are precisely documented.

Great, but that is only half the battle won. The time has come to leave behind basic spreadsheets, manual procedures, and even software-based treasury systems. Embrace the #1 cloud-based treasury management system (TMS), which offers a rich, robust and comprehensive financial suite!

Kyriba’s Treasury Management System (TMS) provides a high degree of usability and instantly elevates the processes of cash flow access, analysis and prediction to the next level. It simplifies a business’s mission-critical capabilities to handle finance, risk management, and working capital optimization.

This automated cloud treasury management system allows you to maintain smooth business flow and get work done at the snap of a finger while optimizing your working capital. Kyriba’s treasury management tools is highly robust and provides a wide range of advanced functionalities. It is the first choice of financial professionals as well as corporations all across the globe.


What is Treasury Management System (TMS)?

TMS is a comprehensive cloud-based solution designed to enhance cash and liquidity management, mitigate financial risk, and streamline financial operations for organizations across industries. The platform offers a suite of advanced modules that cater to treasury management, payments, risk management, supply chain finance, and working capital optimization. Kyriba TMS seamlessly integrates with a diverse range of systems, including banks, ERPs, and trading platforms, aiding organizations in achieving unmatched financial agility, efficiency, and control.

Kyriba Treasury Management Platform

Finesse, the leading systems integrator in the GCC region, has partnered with Kyriba to provide a unified treasury management platform to activate liquidity for your enterprise. Underpin your operations with the Kyriba Treasury Management System (TMS) to manage cash and liquidity hand-in-hand along with payment and risk management in the most secure and effective ways.

Finesse constantly thrives to stay at par with industry standards through this distinctive offering of the scalable, enterprise-level financial suite.The Kyriba corporate treasury software solution is the most recommended financial management solution by CFOs globally. It is a category-leading, secure financial management platform with revolutionary innovations in payments and risk management.

With an extensive global network aligned to Kyriba’s and its commendable real-time decision support, your organization will pave a new path for driving exemplary success.

Why choose Kyriba Treasury Management Software?

Kyriba offers unparalleled cash visibility for effective decision support in a myriad of business activities and risk management strategies. Kyriba’s treasury management solutions come with rich features and functionalities to help you with smooth treasury/cash management. It is the most efficient way to manage your working capital while increasing profitability. Following are some of the benefits of treasury management for business.

  • Hedging coverage to measure ROI – Leverage simplified hedge accounting for additional value creation.
  • Minimize and keep a check on IT investment and integration cost with Kyriba.
  • Better maintenance of compliance with all latest statutory requirements.
  • Reduced exposure to financial risks with increased capability to attack cybercrime and fraud even before they occur.
  • User-friendly graphical interfaces – Timely access to key pre-built reports, readily available data, and dashboards at the tap of a finger.
  • Improved productivity across functions
  • Improve liquidity optimization for the entire firm by effectively managing cash, liquidity, payments, and financial risk.
  • With Kyriba corporate treasury management tools, you can unify all your transactions and multiple bank accounts into a single, standalone system. As a result, you can process any volume of payments with zero delays along your funding value chain. What’s better? No more wasteful bank fees!
  • Rely on Kyriba’s meaningful data for insights on cash forecasts
  • Streamline cash management processes with Kyriba’s cash management services and view your high/low cash positions
  • Work capital optimization – Transform and rationalize operational processes

Why choose Finesse for Treasury Management Solutions?

Our professional team of architects and consultants ensures that corporate Treasury Management Systems harmonies with the business procedures. We understand the unique needs of our clients, so you can trust us to provide you with the best treasury management tools and cash management services to meet your business goals. In addition, Finesse’s solution-oriented and agile approach also enables customization of the functions and features according to what you consider pivotal for your organization!

Now you can streamline the processes for cash management, risk management, payments and supply chain finance with the most robust and secure cloud-based Kyriba Treasury Management System (TMS). Maximize return on funds and manage your reporting needs at the tap of a button. We help you evenly spread risk and elevate confidence in your treasury!


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