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Zero Trust: A New Security Mindset for New Challenges

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Why Zero Trust?

In a cloud-first, hybrid environment, the network perimeter is blurring. Traditional security approaches such as firewalls and antivirus solutions that focus purely on outsider threat are therefore being rendered moot. All this, while cyberattacks get increasingly sophisticated and intense. It’s time to take a more proactive approach to security.

Based on the idea of “never trust, always verify,” the Zero Trust security model removes implicit trust that is built into the security fabric of enterprises. The approach ensures that the right people are getting the right level of access across the enterprise, thereby improving security posture and end-user productivity.

A Zero Trust security framework continuously identifies and eliminates uncertainty in enforcing security rules. This helps combat an ever-evolving threat landscape.

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How can Zero Trust help Your Business?

A Zero Trust security model helps:

  • Protect your crown jewels
  • Secure cloud workloads
  • Contain risk by preventing lateral movement
  • Protect legacy systems
  • Ensure compliance to regulatory norms
  • Reduce third-party risk
  • Secure remote access

An Industry-First Integrated Zero Trust Platform

ColorTokens Xtended ZeroTrustTM Platform is the first and only comprehensive Zero Trust Platform for securing today’s modern, distributed application infrastructure. It integrates seamlessly with your existing security tools to protect your network against ever-evolving, sophisticated security threats. Context-aware, self-learning algorithms empower you to detect, contain, and eliminate threats across data centers and hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

The Product suite that makes this a reality:

Xshield – Simplified Zero Trust Micro-Segmentation for Hybrid Environments Reduce the attack surface and prevent lateral movement with application segmentation and policy management based on zero trust architecture.

Xaccess – Secure Remote Access to Enterprise Applications, Workloads, and Cloud Services A cloud-delivered, SaaS-based secure access for remote employees, third parties, and contractors from distributed locations as they connect with their cloud or datacenter-based applications.

Xprotect – Hardened Endpoint Protection Based on Zero Trust Proactively protect endpoints from advanced cyberattacks with a novel cloud-delivered approach to zero trust security .

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