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Business Intelligence & Analytics

Delivering data-driven decision-making through Business Intelligence Qlik and Analytics

Today, more and more companies are realizing how crucial data analysis is for their operations. Data and content generation has rapidly increased over the last few years and there is an urgent need to convert raw data into a comprehensive format to gain insights, predict trends and help in the business decision making process. Modern tools have the computing and analytical capabilities needed to help transform any business while allowing it to take the lead over its competitors.

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Business Intelligence and Data Analytics – Qlik

Gain real-time business, customer, competitive insights and make more informed business decisions with our Dubai based Business Intelligence (BI) partner, qlik data analytics platform. Finesse helps organizations to harness and optimize their collective human intelligence with the help of the most powerful and robust business intelligence (BI) analytics tools. As a leading Qlik partner in Dubai, we assist several organizations globally to get actionable insight and adapt to changing environments.

Our 300+ enterprise clients rely on Finesse, as their strategic digital transformation & system integration partner in Dubai. We drive their digital transformation by encompassing business process re-engineering, digital design & architecture, deployment & maintenance of business-critical solutions and services. Our expertise is combined with domain knowledge which we use in combination with Qlik partners to provide our global clients with the best BI solution and data analytics tool that they need to strategize their effective course for future actions.

Qlik BI and analytical tools will also provide insight into operations efficiency while allowing organizations to interact at a real-time momentum on insights received; amounting to instant response and resilience to current business conditions. Our BI solutions in UAE helps enterprises to equip their decision-makers with the right information at the right time in the right context to significantly improve the quality of decision-making. We can help you to optimize your enterprise performance while dynamically responding to opportunities and threats.

Our team can work closely with you to design your enterprise-wide business intelligence strategy. Our expertise combined with domain knowledge makes us the preferred partner for many of our global clients. Our BI Solutions and data analytics allows organizations to search through their data instantaneously, and derive in-depth insights that help them strategize an effective course of action for the future.

Qlik business intelligence software solutions offer robust and flexible analytics, allowing people to discover patterns in data that were not discernible before and make decisions based on these findings. Comprehensive reporting of data stored in existing databases, big data sets, or even Excel files on PCs is made possible by Qlik business intelligence software solutions.

Organizations may use modern BI and analytical technologies to provide context and meaning to their data by looking closer at their operations and efficiency. Our business intelligence solutions enable businesses to interact with one another in real-time, gaining momentum for insights that are subsequently used. Qlik partners give promptness and resilience, which contributes to the flexibility of our solutions so that they can adapt to current business conditions.

Why Choose Us ?

The insights provided by our BI solutions & services portfolio offer great value for all types of businesses.
  • Gain real-time business, customer, competitive insights.
  • Harness collective human intelligence.
  • Attain actionable insights.
  • Maintain business-critical solutions and services.
  • Improved quality of decision making.
Finesse together with Qlik partners offers a data analytics platform that supports a complete portfolio of BI solutions with advanced analytics capabilities.
  • Business intelligence strategy
  • BI blueprint
  • BI health check
  • Business process analysis
  • Business case modeling & capacity planning
  • Master data & meta data management
  • Data architecture & data quality management
  • Analytical model building, testing & deployment
  • Predictive analytics
When a company is rapidly growing, it’s important to consider technology that will scale quickly. Finesse has experts providing consultation to help rapidly growing firms, and recommending solutions with that path in mind. Our advice and philosophy are proactive. With state-of-the-art network monitoring and management, we can identify issues and address them before they become problems.

Why is Finesse BI Solutions the right choice for your organization?

As Qlik partners, Finesse helps organizations harness the collective human intelligence of organizations so that their Business Intelligence is optimized.The technologies we use are naturally intuitive to bring the best out of the people that use them. Finesse together with Qlik partners brings you into the era of modern analytics, built on the game-changing associative engine it has revolutionized the use of data in organizations through its intuitive discovery that puts business intelligence into the hands of its leaders.

Business Intelligence Qlik Sense offers a powerful array of smart visualizations and AI-generated insight suggestions to combine any number of data sources. There is no limit to how large and complex they are and it offers interactive selections, global search, and natural language interaction without linear exploration or cumbersome data preparation.

As a business intelligence partner of Qlik, we deliver the most insightful information to your business on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. We employ best practices that include data governance and transformation while maintaining consistently high-quality reporting that tells the story of your organization’s progress: whether you are in retail, finance, or manufacturing.

The best way to stay ahead in today’s competitive world is by having a real-time business, customer, and competitive insights. Finesse offers this with our global Qlik partnership. Qlik BI and analytics tools are the surest strategy for decision makers in every enterprise to have access to accurate information at the correct time and in the best context to show them the way ahead.

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