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Finesse announces strategic partnership with Defensys

Finesse, an industry leader in digital transformation, has announced its strategic alliance with Defensys, a prominent cybersecurity solutions developer headquartered in Singapore. Since 2011, Defensys has been at the forefront of pioneering software products and services aimed at fortifying businesses and government organizations against modern cyber threats while ensuring robust security management on a global...

ECM BPM In Business Transformation

Significance Of ECM & BPM In Business Transformation

Rahul Bhatia, Vice President – Sales & Practice Head, ECM And Conversational AI, Finesse shares perspective on significance of ECM & BPM in Business Transformation. In the evolving digital era and growing business landscape, organisations face immense pressure to adapt and transform to stay competitive. Business Process Management (BPM) has emerged as a critical component...


Treasury Transformation – The Trendsetting Force

Manoj Panicker – AVP – Treasury Transformation Treasury – the nucleus of an organization The treasury operations of a company are crucial, specifically with regard to cash liquidity, which is the most critical aspect. CFOs understand that their treasury teams must manage critical tasks such as accurate forecasting of cash flows, operational efficiency, fraud prevention,...


Emergence of digital disruptors in 2023 says Bharath Raigangar at 1CXO

As we emerge out into a post pandemic period where corporations are trying to adjust into a new normal, it is becoming more evident that there will be some major shift in consumers and corporates to a more secured but agile digital ecosystem. Let’s take a recap of what we saw in the last 4...


Why do some digital transformation initiatives fail?

During the pandemic there has been a clear acceleration of digital transformation. How has this transformation impacted the Middle East? What changes have you seen in the past year? The pandemic has accelerated digital journeys of businesses not just in the Middle East, but all across the globe. Earlier, businesses were hesitant going digital, taking...


Does Your Organisation Need To Automate Treasury?

Being niche as it is, Treasury Management Solution is the lesser talked about solution in an organisation’s digital roadmap. However, in the last decade more and more organisations, both small and global, have realised the benefits of an efficient treasury management solution and have accepted it to attain smooth treasury and financial functions. The Treasury...

Brand loyalty

Retain your customers, with Real-time Omnichannel Loyalty programs

Eljo JP, Director & Chief Business Officer at Finesse shares his views on the significance of customer retention during difficult times.! Purchasing anything today is easier than ever before – go online, a few clicks, and your purchase is on its way into your hands. During the past decade, eCommerce has changed the way we...

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