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Finesse announces strategic partnership with Defensys

Finesse, an industry leader in digital transformation, has announced its strategic alliance with Defensys, a prominent cybersecurity solutions developer headquartered in Singapore. Since 2011, Defensys has been at the forefront of pioneering software products and services aimed at fortifying businesses and government organizations against modern cyber threats while ensuring robust security management on a global...


Finesse: A holistic approach towards cybersecurity

Sunil Paul, Co-founder and Managing Director of Finesse With cybersecurity becoming increasingly critical in today’s digital environment, Finesse’s Cyberhub 24/7 Cognitive SOC stands as a formidable guardian against digital threats. Equipped with state-of-the-art security operation centres in the UAE and India, Cyberhub offers a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity products, solutions and services, providing a holistic...


Maximizing ROI with an Efficient Cyber Resilience Strategy in this Digital Ecosystem

Indeed, in today’s digital landscape, the significance of cybersecurity and cyber resilience cannot be overstated. With businesses worldwide contending with rising cybersecurity costs, it’s crucial for them to navigate the complexities of establishing efficient cybersecurity ecosystems. This article aims to offer insights gleaned from over 28 years of experience and discussions with industry leaders, guiding...


Reduce your organization’s Cyber Threats with CyberSecurity as a Service from Finesse

In the age of digital transformation, cybersecurity has become a critical aspect of any business. Cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and businesses of all sizes need to be prepared to prevent, detect, and respond to these threats. Finesse is a leading provider of cybersecurity as a service (CaaS), offering comprehensive solutions to help protect...


Unlock your Organisation’s true potential with Finesse’s AI/ML based HCM solutions

Reena Alex – HCM/Business Consultant Human Capital Management (HCM) is a comprehensive suite of HR processes and workflows that is gaining interest amongst HR professionals and Business Leaders, and its adoption is accelerating faster to effectively manage the modern-day distributed and hybrid workforce – this phenomenon is here to stay and is considered to be...

GRC Help Address ESG

Redesigning Cybersecurity to Embrace Digital Transformation

Sunil Paul, managing director of Finesse, highlights the importance of restructuring cybersecurity strategies to realize digital transformation promise securely. Organizations across verticals are fast-tracking their digital agendas by automating their operations to increase efficiencies and offer enhanced customer experiences. With the rise of digital enterprises, cybersecurity has gained prominence and made its way into boardroom...

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