How Finesse Enables Businesses To Secure Digital Transformation Journeys


Finesse is one of the most trusted software companies in the GCC, providing next-generation digital solutions and services to companies across industry verticals. The key differentiators that separate Finesse from other system integration (SI) companies in the region are –

  1. Finesse’s vision

Since Finesse’s founding in 2010, it has been guided by the vision to positively impact the lives of people in the GCC region.  This vision is at the heart of every decision Finesse makes. With this vision, Finesse has added products and services that have enabled businesses in the region to remain competitive while enriching the lives of people.

  1. Finesse tailors solutions to your business needs

A one-size-fits-all approach does not work in business. With its extensive experience supporting businesses of various sizes (small, medium, enterprise) and across domains, Finesse has developed the competence to support its clients with the best-tailored solution that will be most successful.

  1. Finesse is focused on providing holistic solutions

A poorly planned digital transformation can prove costly for a company. For example, many companies invest heavily in digital transformation initiatives without planning for the security concerns that are essential to these initiatives. This can result in customer distrust and unnecessary financial and reputation losses for businesses. With Finesse, organisations can trust they will receive a comprehensive digital transformation solution that will ensure their initiatives will succeed.

Give us a snapshot of what you are showcasing at GISEC 2022?

As part of GISEC 2022, Finesse will showcase how organisations can secure their digital transformation journeys. As part of this event, Finesse will assist organisations with identifying how they can make cybersecurity a part of their digital transformation roadmaps right from the beginning, as well as advise them on the best security solutions.

Cybersecurity solutions provided by Finesse include –

Compliance and digital risk solutions – Protect your business from digital threats and remain compliant with regulations

 Zero Trust modeled solutions – Never trust, always verify; Finesse offers solutions for the three main pillars of zero-trust, including micro-segmentation, multi-factor authentication, and privileged access management

Cloud and Application Assurance solutions – Create processes, controls, and technology to govern all data exchanges within your cloud and application infrastructure

Digital Identity management – Verify your digital identities across your business and public platforms by using zero-trust principles

Managed Security Services – Cyberhub powered by Finesse is a 24/7 SOC (Security Operations Centre) that monitors all cybersecurity events and applies needed AI and human controls as and when they occur to protect your organisation.

To meet the growing needs of our clients Finesse has partnered with niche global leaders to ensure our regional customers have top-notch solutions in important areas. Some of these partners at our stall include Barracuda, Sophos, Beyond trust, and Tech First Gulf LLC.

How can Finesse help businesses in securing digital transformation?

For all the benefits they bring to businesses, digital transformation also carries a certain amount of risk. Known collectively as digital risks, these are unexpected consequences that result from digital transformation. While digital risks are many, most of them fit into cybersecurity risk, compliance, resilience, and data privacy categories. According to a Kaspersky report, there has been a 190% increase in cyberattacks in the UAE since the pandemic started in March 2020. These attacks undermine customer confidence and have reputational, legal, and financial consequences for businesses.

Keeping your business’s digital transformation secure is just as important as digital transformation itself. Taking both aspects into consideration will let you get the most benefit from your business going digital.

Finesse, the digital transformation pioneer in the GCC, helps you plan and fuel your digital ambition, while also securing your business on the digital front, so you move forward with confident caution on your digital journey.

Finesse has a dedicated cybersecurity practice – which caters to infrastructure and cloud security, application security assistance, security intelligence, analytics, digital identity, and Data Protection and privacy. Finesse is committed to providing clients with ‘zero-trust’ network security in all its implementations. By implementing this model of network security, we can ensure that deployments are secure and prepared to stop security breaches. This approach ensures that the right people are getting the right level of access across the enterprise, thus improving security posture and end-user productivity. Our security portfolio includes solutions for cyber risk terrain analytics, compliance & digital risk, cloud & application assurance, managed security services, multi-factor authentication, PIM/PAM, and micro-segmentation. Through the expertise and experience of our cybersecurity practitioners, we provide increased visibility and rapid detection of threats in organisations, thereby enhancing business productivity and ensuring networks and data are protected from unauthorised access and cyber threats.

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