Finesse joins Secureworks Global Partner Program

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Finesse, one of the leading digital transformation partners in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), has joined the Secureworks Global Partner Program to help customers strengthen their security posture against cyber threats.

Organizations of all sizes are battling an ever-increasing number of cyber threats on multiple fronts while also navigating a cyber talent and skills crisis. They need to be able to scale their internal resources and access a diverse range of skills to be able to understand, identify and mitigate cyber risks. To help customers tackle the challenges they face today, as well as flex to meet future needs, Finesse will leverage Secureworks TaegisTM SaaS platform to prevent, detect and respond to threats, wherever data moves into, out of and through customer environments.

Finesse will support customers with the Secureworks cybersecurity platform Taegis and a suite of integrated solutions and services. Finesse works with banking and financial services, energy, education, healthcare, public sector and retail organizations across the GCC. As part of its digital transformation services, it offers cybersecurity initiatives to support the growing need in the region to protect digital infrastructure.

Sunil Paul, co-founder and MD of Finesse said, “We are pleased to partner with Secureworks to provide our clients with a 24/7 threat detection and protection. In the era of digitalization, cybersecurity has become a critical component of any business transformation. By utilizing Secureworks cybersecurity expertise, we will be able to deliver greater value to our clients and navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape. We are also grateful to Wendy, CEO of Secureworks for her presence during the signing of the partnership between Finesse and Secureworks.”

Secureworks is a global leader in cybersecurity and solutions to prevent, detect, and respond to continuously evolving and diversifying threats and vulnerabilities. Its Taegis platform continuously gathers and interprets telemetry from proprietary and third-party sources, including endpoints, networks, cloud, and identity systems. This telemetry is used to detect and prevent threats, automatically prioritizing the most serious ones, enabling faster, more confident responses with time and cost-saving automation.

“More than ever customers are seeking cybersecurity solutions that empower them to understand their cyber risks and equip them with the speed and insights to identify, mitigate and resolve them at scale. Taegis’ open architecture enables organizations to address today’s security challenges whilst also future proofing their cyber defenses as the threat landscape evolves,” said Chris Bell, Vice President Corporate Development and Strategy. “We’re pleased to welcome Finesse into the Secureworks Global Partner Program so together we can help organizations close their cybersecurity gap with industry-leading software and solutions.

Finesse, a leading SI was incorporated more than a decade ago. With their 450+ dedicated professionals and 350+ enterprise clients, Finesse continues to enable and secure their clients digital transformation journey across BFSI, Education, Energy, Healthcare, Public Sector, Telecom, Travel & Logistics among others. Finesse’s initiatives cover a wide range of fields within problems in the technology domain, aiming to make a meaningful contribution in each of them.

Finesse digital transformation portfolio includes solutions & services for AI Chatbots, BI & Analytics, CRM / CEM, Cloud, Corporate Treasury Management, ECM, RPA, GRC, Regulatory Reporting, Infra & Banking Applications Managed Services, Cyber Security, Cognitive SOC among others.

Finesse has continuously proven that it is a force to be reckoned with by bagging more than 50+ global awards as the best digital transformation/system integration company and supporting over 120 + international financial institutions to capitalize on transformative technologies.

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