Automation of procure to pay process for a razor blade manufacturer


The Client has a huge Procure-to-Pay process which entails multiple interactions of the Purchase Department with SAP and other internal systems.It begin with creation of Requisition Request which goes to the Function Manager for approval.After approval the Purchase Order is created and sent to the Vendor.At delivery, a Good Receipt Note is created and matched with the issue Purchase order to confirm goods.Invoice is generated, then approved and then payment is made.The current manual process of Procure-to-Pay requires long processing time & effort and is highly error prone. It requires the need to login into different systems by different users of the Purchase Department of the Client. 

Implementation of Robotic Process Automation in the current Client process helped automate the entire process starting from Requisition Request to Payment.

o Reduced Processing Time
o Increased Accuracy 
o Operational cost saving 

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