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Infra Management

Shaping the Emergence of a New Generation of Infra Management Solutions

The business environment has never been more demanding. Datacenter resources have become mission critical for organizations, enabling companies to speed time to market new products and services. In this new technology era, it is important for people to adapt to new virtual world. Finesse helps organizations in implementation, migration and hand holding the respective IT personnel at every level.

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Our diverse range of infrastructure solutions and services includes:

  • Cloud advisory services and implementation
  • Software Defined Networking (SDN) and WAN optimization
  • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI)
  • Network and systems monitoring
  • Mobile devices management
  • DR automation & Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
  • Unified communications
  • Managed services

Why Finesse is the right choice for you

IT personnel are continually challenged to deliver efficient, cost effective computing solutions that provide tangible, strategic business benefits. Finesse provides both the breadth and depth of capabilities to ensure that you have service levels at par with the best in the industry. We have a variety of pricing models ranging from per user, per device, tiered and composite to meet your unique requirements.

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