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Imdaad, the Middle East’s leading integrated facilities management company, has partnered with Finesse to automate key processes within the organisation using the ‘Automation Anywhere’ Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool. Few key processes have been completely automated using the tool, resulting in significant improvements in process quality, greater efficiencies, and cost reductions.

Incorporated in 2007, Imdaad is an innovative and forward-looking company that has grown rapidly and is looking to streamline processes to better serve its growing client base. Having successfully navigated the unprecedented disruption of the past two years, the organisation is now doubling down on preparing for the long-term with technology as a key enabler. Imdaad has engaged with Finesse, to help identify and automate key business processes. With extensive experience in delivering digital transformation across industries, Finesse understands the nuances and the pain-points these companies face, and tailor solutions to meet the needs.

To develop a roadmap for automating processes with RPA, Finesse began by engaging key stakeholders across the organisation, examining key performance indicators, and identifying gaps that needed to be addressed. It was identified that several key processes required minimal human intervention, and those when automated would be beneficial to the entire organisation. In partnership with Imdaad stakeholders, Finesse has implemented automation on four key processes across multiple departments using Automation Anywhere, a low-code RPA tool that matches the group’s use-cases perfectly.

With the implementation of the above processes, operational efficiencies have already improved both within the participating departments and the group in general. Several additional processes are being considered for automation and are currently being worked on by stakeholders between Imdaad and Finesse.

“We are grateful to Imdaad for trusting Finesse and partnering with us to streamline their processes using robotic process automation,” said Eljo J P, Finesse’s Chief Business Officer & Director. “We are excited about this opportunity and will continue to work closely with Imdaad to ensure this initiative meets its goals, thereby bringing exponential benefits to Imdaad.”

“For the vastly increased operational efficiency we are now experiencing, thanks to Finesse’s RPA tool is extraordinary, to say the least. It has changed, not only the way our organisation operates on a day-to-day basis but the breadth and scope of our automation and digitisation strategy for the coming years,” said Mohamed Elalfy, Director – Information Technology at Imdaad. “We at Imdaad are excited for what the future of this partnership holds as we continue to realise our ambitious digital transformation goals.”

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