Point Robotic Process Automation Will Provide Solutions for IT, HR, Accounting, and Marketing.


Finesse, the global System Integration and Banking Process Automation Services Company has teamed up with AutomationEdge, the leading provider of IT Automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution to help companies increase their efficiencies and reduce costs across back- and front-office operations and in enterprise functions such as finance and accounting, HR, IT, and sales and marketing.

RPA is playing an increasingly critical role in business processes by automating manual, repetitive tasks. RPA dramatically increases process efficiency and speed with near-zero error rates. Finesse with its strong presence in Middle East and Asian markets and proven capabilities around business process automation services has strategically aligned with AutomationEdge to leverage the fast growing RPA market opportunities. This will enable both of them to introduce high-performance digitization and automation in business process of their customers.

“Finesse comes from a background of having in-depth knowledge and long standing experience in process management at various organisations and financial institutions. This partnership will further strengthen our commitment to deliver digital workplace technologies to our customers using cutting-edge solutions like AutomationEdge. Finesse customers will leverage this smart automation to digitize complex business processes using robotics (RPA) and AI-powered cognitive automation” said Sunil Paul, COO, Finesse.

“We are excited to partner with Finesse to bring innovative Robotic Process Automation technologies to our enterprise customers. Finesse’s expertise in banking process automation services will complement our strategic focus on delivering Uber like digital experience to our customers and further enhance our position in Robotic Process Automation. Our joint efforts with Finesse will enable us to push the future of digital workplace”, said Uday Birajdar, CEO, AutomationEdge.

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