A solar power generating company automates its processes.


o The current business was managed through flat files and excel
o There was no automation of process, approvals got delayed when the key stake holders were not available
o There was no clarity on inventory at warehouse or at site, excel were error prone and could have lead to leakages
o Every business leader managed their project sheet in their very own data format
o Project stage management or gaps were not being tracked upon
o Managed could not get reports nor had an 360 degree view of the project

o Salesforce was used to build their entire journey starting from Sales, demand planning, RFQ management Procurement, Project management and Project Signoff
o Sales consisted of IOC and IOT that once approved paved way to designing and demand planning
o Once an Opportunity was closed won the planning team was notified to work on the design, BOM requirement and notify procuremento Procurement would run an RFQ shortlist and award an vendor, vendor would be issued PO and GRN would be done at warehouse all within salesforceo Once GRN is done project team is notified who in turn would request for material at siteo Site in-charge on receipt of material would start project as planned and update site consumption, site on completion QC is performed and once approved is handed over to the client

o Customer 360 degree is managed in salesforce right from opportunity to planning to delivery
o Approvals are performed instantly from the system, salesforce has helped speed up the approval process
o Inventory is tracked hence providing a clear picture on where the inventory is residing or being used
o Lowering costs borne on procuring raw materialso Minimizing wastage
o Decreasing operational errors by increasing employee efficiency

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