Direct integration with ERP for pharmaceutical manufacturers


Multiple business process such as direct sales, Secondary Sales, Online Portal sales, New Product development, Contract manufacturing, Project Management etc.
Since there are multiple products and multiple territory to cater to, it always has been a challenge in terms to planning and forecasting product demand country wise, manage new product enquiry, competitor insight and competitor penetration.
Since Art Works, Inventory and Sample were managed in ERP it was difficult for sales team to know and request products.
Expense were submitted manually and took lot of time.
There was no clarity if the meetings happened with the customer, what was the discussion and outcome of meeting.

o Salesforce was used to map following Process:
A: Primary & Secondary Sales Process
B: Product Development Request and Process
C: Contract Manufacturing
D: Project Management
E: Target Management & Expense Management
o Product family wise product owners were created and any opportunity when created and product selected will automatically add product owner the opportunity team
o Products goes through multiple stage journey internally and externally (manual) before being approved and sent for development.
o Distributor punched sales were tagged to respective account managers, who also could track post sales process as data got updated from ERP
o Implemented journey planner and check-in check-out

o Manage direct/ secondary and online sales better and effectively
o Invoice and Payment milestones are now being triggered on time, ensuring on time payments being raised and invoices being followed upon
o Direct integration with ERP keeps sales team updated of order status, customer credit, inventory availability, product request status etc.
o Sales team are tracked for their activity performed on salesforce.
o Activities logged on time helping sales team approach an opportunity better
o Expense and claims are handled effectively
o All expense can be updated and attached from mobile device

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