Salesforce for a transportation company


The client organize shipments for individuals or corporations to get goods from the manufacturer or producer to a market, customer or final point of distribution.
With Such a wide distribution network managing Sales with out a CRM was becoming difficult.
The client has an ERP system where the order processing happens, while the key was to empower sales with the power to manage their sales effectively at the same time it was essential that any booking needs to be instantly notified to the ERP team to process the order.
Planning their sales calendar in advance was required.
Management wanted to gain visibility in their team’s pipeline.

Salesforce was built to help logistics transport manage their calendar efficiently (Events , Task, Logging a call).
Giving Account owners visibility over the account they own, option for ad-hoc opportunity to be created by any sales team within the same account.
Ad-hoc request management for freights, oceans and liners.
When an opportunity was created depending on the nature of opportunity, sales can run a dynamic search on various lines and provide Quote.
Sales can create their very own Journey plan with an option to geo tag the event.
Integration with ERP.

Effective opportunity and Quote Management.
Notification on Price change were instantly notified to the sales team.
Stake Holders got 360 degree view of all account and the opportunity their sales team were driving.
Events planned monthly was to be approved by managers giving managers more clarity on their team pipeline.

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