Sales orders & invoice processing automation for a houseware segment

Sales orders and invoice processing automation for a houseware segment

The team is doing the same process repeatedly which includes downloading of a number of reports from various portals which are huge in size. Considering the size of these documents, there is a long waiting period & the subsequent job is delayed resulting in slowing down the entire process. The required reports are currently downloaded from three portals. All these portals have different criteria to download the same documents. The team has to scroll through a number of screens to get the access to these documents. Also the formats of each of the downloaded report is different resulting in creation of a number of excel files, adding filters & sorting activities.

The automation of the entire process right from downloading the reports from various portals to processing the data & resulting in data entry of the same in SAP.

o Saving of Time 
o Improved robustness (consistency), of processes 
o Increased consistency of output 
o Increased throughput or productivity 
o Reduced direct human labor costs and expenses 
o Reduces operation time and work handling time significantly 
o Improves Data Quality

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