Service orders & tax invoice comparison automation for a vehicle maintenance workshop


The finance team receives an average of 5000-6000 LPOs on a monthly basis which has to be manually audited once the maintenance work on a particular vehicle is completed. The team inturn sends a Tax invoice to the supplier after making required changes. These two documents have to be cross-checked to see if all the parameters are correctly captured. Once verified, the Tax invoice is entered in the ERP system & it is further processed for payments. If there are any discrepancies, the same is notified to the concerned person.

The automation of the manually verifying the LPOs and the Tax invoices, entering the Tax Invoices in the ERP & sending exceptional reports to the concerned person using a Bot.

o Increased throughput or productivity 
o Reduced direct human labor costs and expenses 
o Reduces operation time and work handling time significantly 
o Improves Data Quality 
o Saving of Time o Improved robustness (consistency), of processes 
o Increased consistency of output 

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