Work order processing & invoice creation automation for a vehicle maintenance workshop


The team does various processes right from receiving the car for maintenance to delivering it back to the owner. It includes fetching of data from various people in the team working on different parts of the same process. Description regarding the tasks to be carried out and the rates to be charged to different customers differ from case to case. All this information has to be grabbed several times on a daily basis in order to complete the work orders and finally create invoices. These invoices need to be posted in ERP based on the nature of the customer for whom the work is being carried out.

The automation of the manual processing of work orders and entering the invoices in the ERP in order to avoid data handling errors considering a huge volume of data.

o Reduces operation time and work handling time significantly. 
o Improves Data Quality 
o Saving of Time 
o Improved robustness (consistency), of processes 
o Increased consistency of output

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