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Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system offerings are significant to every organization to manage and maintain unstructured data and information. Finesse Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions are designed to orchestrate a well-planned implementation whilst harmonizing it with ongoing processes. Finesse ranges from Enterprise Content Management consulting to end-to-end implementation of ECM and business process management solutions, upgradation, data migration, integration, administration, and managed services.


How do enterprise content management (ECM) solutions benefit your business?

The primary function of an ECM solution is to simultaneously reduce clutter while increasing data and process visibility and accessibility, ultimately saving time and significantly lowering costs.

Our ECM solution will help you


information quickly and access it quickly from wherever you are and whenever you need it


paperwork and make whatever records-keeping you were doing via paper far more accessible and efficient


and structure your company’s data in a way that makes it easy to cross-reference, providing invaluable context around and transparency into processes

Our Enterprise Content Management system allows you to do all of this and more, giving your organization a more significant advantage in business.

Why Choose Finesse for Enterprise Content Management Solutions?

  • Document Management System (DMS)/ Content Management System (CMS) Image capture and digitization
  • Image capture and digitization
  • OCR and indexing
  • Enterprise archival
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • E-forms
  • Records management
  • Application decommissioning and archiving
  • Upgrades and migrations
  • Digital capture of data and storage in a digital repository
  • Availability of data regardless of device or location
  • Automate data and expedite business processes
  • Secure data and reduce organizational risk
  • Increase employees’ productivity

What are the features of an ECM solution?

The capabilities of an ECM solution should enable you to build completely tailored solutions that integrate and work with your core applications and systems to deliver improved business processes. The features to look out for can be categorized into nine main categories. ECM solution:


This is the critical starting point of your content management journey: capture your documents — even in structured and unstructured formats—and automatically and intelligently extract, classify, and validate information before seamlessly integrating it with core business applications.

Content Management

Get a complete view of your processes; an automated content management system (CMS) simplifies access to the files you need so your team can make faster, better-informed decisions.

Reporting And Analytics

Discover, analyze, and reimagine reporting and analytics. Gain visibility into your content and processes in real-time with interactive dashboards and audit trails of all activities.

Case Management

Get full visibility into an entire case from start to end; staff get a 360-degree view of all the information they need for effective case management and enhanced customer service.


Find the content you need no matter where it resides; intelligent query tools help search through repositories, sites, email systems, intranets, and more from a single platform.


Secure sharing and collaboration; share content, collaborate on documents and extend related processes to your users — whether internally or externally — in a secure environment.

Business process automation

Enterprise content management systems streamline critical processes; automate repeatable tasks, route documents, manage exceptions, and extend key processes using configurable workflow tools and built-in rules and actions that are easily customizable without the need for IT support.

Customer Communications Management

Improve customer communications with content management system (CMS) integrations; create personalized content and handle a wide range of communication needs to cater to customer expectations.

Records And Retention Management

Meet regulatory and compliance standards; configure automated rules and workflows for easily overlooked tasks like approvals, transfers to storage, archival and deletion.

Finesse Enterprise Content Management system delivers on your user’s content, process and case management needs. As a premier Enterprise content management solution provider in the UAE and across the region, we offer flexible solutions that can grow with you and quickly deploy to meet your needs today.

Finesse Enterprise Content Management system deliver on your user’s content, process and case management needs. We offer flexible solutions that can grow with you and quickly deploy to meet your needs today.

Low Code BPM Application Development Platform

Minimize The Need for Costly Custom Coding by Point-and-Click Configuring Business Apps

Business benefits of a low-code BPM platform

The benefits of a low-code BPM platform derive from the minimal manual coding required and the ability to rapidly create and deliver applications to the business.

Key benefits of low-code ECM software include:
Lowered costs
Accelerated prototyping
Simplified updates/releases
Organizational ownership
Data-driven configuration

How an Enterprise Information Platform

Provides Low-Code BPM Solutions

An enterprise information platform serves as a low-code platform for rapid application development. When offering native capabilities (enterprise content management, business process management (BPM) solutions, case management, capture, and integrations), a low-code platform minimizes the need for costly custom coding or purchasing multiple-point solutions from different vendors. Low-code rapid application development platforms offer a faster, more accessible alternative that empowers your IT organization, your employees, and your customers.

A rapid application configuration platform can scale to support a spectrum of content-enabled solutions across an organization—from back-office solutions to industry-specific applications. By identifying patterns and areas for improvement, complex processes can be automated, and applications can be adapted and perfected over time.


ECM for Healthcare

Clinical Content Management

Our ECM solution addresses issues, including the storage and sharing of medical images and other content across the enterprise, including EMR access, with a vendor-neutral archive (VNA), enterprise image storage, and viewing.

As the volume of medical content—images, photos, videos and documents—continues to grow exponentially, the integrated enterprise approach is a Vendor Neutral Archive

Vendor Neutral Archive is an intelligent storage layer that provides standards-based access to supporting images and documents regardless of viewing application, will let you maximize the value of this information

And a Vendor Neutral Viewer (Optimizes your existing architecture by Creating a single content touch point for Longitudinal View and Universal access to clinical content & images from all specialities (DICOM and Non-DICOM)

Our value proposition centers on promoting medical imaging standards, increasing the control and ownership that you have over your medical images and associated data, mitigating data migration complexity, and decreasing dependence on individual PACS vendors.

Our value proposition centers on promoting medical imaging standards, increasing the control and ownership that you have over your medical images and associated data, mitigating data migration complexity, and decreasing dependence on individual PACS vendors.
Enterprise viewer improves physician experience of content retrieval
  • Longitudinal view of patient record
  • Easy to navigate
  • Longitudinal view of patient record
  • Easy to navigate
  • Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform provides the freedom to use any tool, language, or framework for business. It complements languages such as Node.js,.NET, and Java. Microsoft Azure allows enterprises or organizations to increase productivity with suitable development tools like Visual Studio. Build native mobile apps, web apps, and next-generation applications such as bots. It enables users to solve complex challenges and run the app seamlessly through Visual Studio tools and critical Azure services. The user can also develop with open-source technologies using Azure Functions and utilize artificial intelligence and data. Over 150 advanced Azure Logic Apps connectors include Office 365, Salesforce, Dropbox, Google Services, and Twitter.
Web-based, zero-footprint client
  • Longitudinal view of patient record
  • Easy to navigate
Transform your clinician experience
  • Longitudinal view of patient record
  • Easy to navigate
Integrates with clinical systems
  • Longitudinal view of patient record
  • Easy to navigate
Launches directly into the correct context
  • Longitudinal view of patient record
  • Easy to navigate

The Services Finesse Offers In

The Area of Paperless Signatures?

As a leading Digital Signature Certificate provider in Dubai, UAE, Finesse offers the following DSC services:

  • Providing class-3 DSC for individuals.
  • Providing organizational DSC for companies to the authorized signatories.
  • Setting up bulk PDF signing.
  • Integrating electronic signatures with application systems.
  • Electronic document signing process.

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