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Robotic Process Automation

Automate Business Processes with the Right Automation Strategy

The Internet of Things (IoT) not only connects people to their homes and gadgets but is also revolutionising business processes. As businesses realise the potential of the Internet of Things, they are adopting RPA tools and creating automation strategies that enable them to add value to their bottom line. At Finesse, our experienced RPA engineers and business professionals bring in a unique mix of expertise and an incredible depth of knowledge in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to help you with end-to-end RPA implementations for companies in the UK.

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Why Choose Us for Your Automation Strategy?

  • High levels of accuracy that minimises chances of errors
  • Does not require technical skills to program the bot
  • Ensures optimal regulatory compliance and ensures there are seamless records for audits
  • Does not affect existing legacy systems, and this minimises the work that the IT department has to perform
  • Allows employees to focus on tasks that add more value and are more interesting and engaging
  • Shortens process cycle times to improve productivity
  • Bots work 24/7 to ensure uninterrupted processes
  • Bots take over routine tasks so that they can be performed without a hassle.
  • Allows different industries to formulate RPA banking strategy based on the needs of their industry and business
  • Processes can be scaled up or down depending on the demand
  • Improves employee retention as employees can perform more interesting tasks
  • Enables automation of processes
  • Allows seamless handling of accounts payable
  • Lets organisations verify and capture data
  • Quick and error-free processing of claims and returns
  • Allows organisations to implement ERP automation
  • Collates data from different sources for quick analysis and report generation
  • Facilitates seamless business intelligence
  • Enables automation of chatbots
  • Effortlessly allows reconciliation of accounts
  • Makes payroll processing quick and simple
We at Finesse provide end-to-end support for RPA tools in the UK. Besides finding out the requirements of your business, our technical experts suggest the best RPA tool for your needs and also deploy it so that routine and repetitive tasks and processes can be performed by bots. Our automation anywhere management team identifies the best solution and helps your organisation implement the right automation strategy across all levels and departments.

Helping Organisations Find the Perfect RPA Tools for Their Needs

As organisations adopt digital transformation, automation strategy has become the key mantra for many. This automation strategy benefits not only the company but also the industry that they operate in. For digital transformation to be a success, organisations need to choose the right RPA tools along with a full-fledged plan to implement the deployment.

The right RPA tools ensure that operational processes get automated with minimal errors. Implementing an automation strategy helps to improve performance as well as efficiency, and this, in turn, reduces operational costs. By adopting these tools, organisations can seamlessly adopt digital transformation and ensure their workforce is engaged in tasks that add value. The RPA banking bot can perform repetitive tasks and have the capacity to interpret actions, capture data, and analyse tasks.

Get Access to Effective RPA Tools for the Following Industries

Kofax Robotics RPA banking solution allows healthcare institutions to schedule and organise patient appointments, even those patients who have been discharged. These tools allow hospitals to automate several repetitive and mundane tasks, including assessing patients for insurance eligibility. A good example of the way Robotics Process Automation in banking can help is Zulekha Hospital. Finesse has collaborated with the hospital to not only improve services but also patient care with the right RPA tools.
Cross Industry
RPA solutions are designed to digitise, automate, and speed up customer-facing and back-end processes. These solutions effectively automate any task that is repetitive.
  • Manual tasks and processes can be time-consuming and tedious. Using RPA banking tools, these tasks can be automated and ensure accurate data capture and collation. Also, the tools allow data to be delivered at hardly any time or cost to the company.
  • Finesse provides a unified platform that is intuitive and simple to use. It enables organisations to embrace digital transformation in customer support and allows them to interact and engage with customers using the right set of RPA tools. Organisations can digitally capture documents and grant approval, thereby improving customer experience.
  • We at Finesse provide an RPA enterprise tool to help organisations extract online data to help them make informed business decisions. The tool is powerful enough to accurately extract large volumes of data and provide helpful insights and analyses.
  • Our RPA tools can effortlessly automate the entire customer onboarding process. This accelerates the process, provides a superior customer experience and reduces the overall cost of onboarding.
  • Our RPA tools can help organisations provide outstanding customer service and ensure superior business outcomes as they can handle complex business processes. It enables organisations to streamline on-demand workflow, thereby making it more efficient and result-oriented.
  • It is possible to organise and streamline financial processes using a well-planned automation strategy. Our RPA tools help not only boost productivity but also aid in cost reduction, ensuring optimal control over financial processes and enhanced transparency. The tools help organisations analyse and control financial processes to ensure better business outcomes.
  • RPA tools help organisations monitor as well as analyse and improve business processes using comprehensive, actionable insights.
  • Across the United Kingdom, Finesse has been successful in helping clients consistently comply with regulations and rules by embracing digital transformation. This minimises the risks of getting penalised and fined or attracting any other sanction from the government for non-compliance.
Our RPA tools have assisted the banking industry in automating several processes, including customer onboarding and approval of loans and mortgages. We have the right tools to provide exceptional banking solutions in the UK.
  • Opening accounts can be a time-consuming process. However, with our RPA solutions in the UK, banks can automate the entire accounting opening process, thereby accelerating the process and improving customer experience. This helps to boost revenue as happy customers result in loyal customers.
  • We at Finesse offer the right RPA solutions across the UK to automate consumer loans to make a completely digital experience. Customers can enjoy assistance through multiple channels, and banks can effectively communicate with customers. When the consumer loan processes are automated, it improves the customer experience.
  • Rather than inviting customers to be physically present to apply for mortgages, banks can adopt RPA tools. Our Kofax Robotics solutions in the UK help to automate mortgage processing and make it a digitally satisfying experience for consumers. Everything, right from beginning to closing the mortgage, gets automated, and this helps the banks save time and money while it results in a superior customer experience.
  • RPA tools can automate customer service by engaging customers to take advantage of self-service and if that does not help, then assisted service. Since customers use a single platform for both types of services, it drives customer loyalty. Customers can directly communicate and interact with the bank, and this hastens account opening and loan/mortgage approvals. As data entry also gets automated, it leads to higher accuracy.
  • Kofax Robotics can automate financial data as well as equity research. This enables banks to get access to real-time market trends and movements and a better understanding of customer behaviours as well as market trends. Armed with accurate and precise data sourced from the internet and the bank’s data repository, financial institutions can make informed and prudent investment decisions.
  • The entire wealth management process, right from onboarding to customer service can be automated with our RPA solutions. This accelerates the onboarding process, leads to improved customer experience, and ensures higher efficiency. Financial institutions become better equipped to high service net worth individuals.
  • Leveraging the power of Robotic Process Automation in banking will enable banking institutions and insurance companies to perform quick and seamless customer due diligence. This helps the organisation meet its pre-set due diligence requirements, comply with regulations, and reduce manual tasks. It saves time and money and ensures a better customer experience.
  • Even a single branch of the bank can benefit from our RPA tools. A branch located in a remote area can streamline its processes and improve customer experience by embracing digital transformation. It works to enhance operational efficiency while also boosting customer experience and satisfaction.
  • Our RPA tools for the financial services industry are designed to optimise trading management. Not only can the institution automate the financial message but also handle the transactions to ensure more transparency in the trading process. Trading can be quickly processed, and the institution can easily handle exceptions. As a result, it helps to generate higher operating revenue and profits.
  • The banking and insurance industry needs to adhere to the reporting demands of the regulatory bodies. Adopting RPA tools for this purpose makes it easy for the institution to comply but generates the necessary reports at a click of a button. It also enables the institution to ensure that the applicable regulatory standards are being followed.
Using the RPA tool, several government services can be digitised and automated. Some of the services that can be automated are as follows:
  • Our RPA tools help automate the government application process. As a result, it reduces the need to do the work manually and streamlines the processing of the applications. The tools enable seamless engagement with constituents and hasten and simplify the application process.
  • Robotics Process Automation in banking can help government organisations and departments to capture data, build and manage case files, analyse cases, and accelerate the processing of documents. This aids to improve the outcomes of public assistance programmes and operational efficiency.
  • Automation can help improve law and order and public safety. Different jurisdictions can share the required information and also maintain the utmost confidentiality of the data. This enables law enforcement to better protect and serve the community.
  • RPA solutions make the processing of medical claims simple and hassle-free. Not only is the entire process digitised but every other process, including validation and approval, is streamlined and accelerated. This enables swift and efficient handling of medical claims and improves accuracy. As a result, it leads to high levels of satisfaction among stakeholders.

Automation in Insurance

Claim Processing Automation Our RPA banking solutions for the insurance agency enable automated onboarding of new customers, processing of claims, and all the other processes within the framework.
  • Insurance providers can create digital mailrooms that enable them to convert all documents related to insurance policies and claims into digital documents. As a result, insurance providers can rule out exceptions and ensure documents move correctly up the hierarchy. It also provides insurance companies with actionable insights through in-depth analysis.
  • When it comes to property and casualty claims, insurance providers can embrace automation in insurance to organise and streamline claim settlements and reduce their cost burden. The automation also makes it easy and quick to keep customers informed about their claims applications.
  • We provide RPA tools to automate health and injury claims that make it simple, quick, and convenient to process claims. It improves transparency and gets rid of unnecessary costs. The tools ensure intelligent routing of the claims documents, making it easy to access the documents at any stage.
  • Finesse helps insurance providers to deploy RPA tools to boost customer engagement and ensure effective policy management. The tools collate and integrate data from multiple sources and deliver it to the customer based on the channel of their choice. It personalises customer engagement and makes onboarding, communication related to claims, and management of policies simple, efficient, and hassle-free.
  • RPA banking solutions not only accelerate the acceptance of applications from new customers but also help to initiate claims without wasting time. RPA tools for insurance empower all stakeholders, including brokers and agents, as they can make use of the self-service platform. Even onboarding new customers can be done through this platform, and this enhances customer experience and ensures high levels of satisfaction.
  • Onboarding applicants, agents, and producers can be done quickly as our RPA tools allow prompt verification of applications, monitor the onboarding process, and make adjustments and changes to ensure an optimal customer experience. The stakeholders can be engaged using a unified platform that makes onboarding an intuitive and need-based experience.
  • The underwriting process for new businesses can easily be automated while keeping in mind the rules and risks. Our RPA tools enable real-time analysis, and this empowers underwriters as they always have access to the right data to quickly and efficiently assess risks.
  • Automation in insurance allows insurance providers to hasten the customer due diligence process. It does away with the need for manually performing the due diligence, and this helps the insurance company save time and money. New customers can be onboarded quickly, even with the requirements for customer due diligence change.
  • We provide Kofax Robotics RPA tools to help digitise insurance providers’ branches. Automating helps each branch to improve operational efficiency and enhance customer experience by ensuring that documents are digitised and routed regardless of who submits them – customer, agent, or broker. As a result, branches work to increase the bottom line while ensuring a superior customer experience.
  • We have made it possible for insurance companies to seamlessly meet and adhere to compliance rules and regulations. Our RPA tools allow automatic collation of data from different sources, integrate the requirements of compliance, and meet reporting demands.

If you would like to find out how our RPA tools can assist your organisation in the UK, get in touch with us at info@finessedirect.com

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