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Finesse is deploying Automation Anywhere’s RPA solutions at Zulekha Hospital to automate the process of insurance eligibility checks of patients. The deployment is expected to have a significant impact in terms of enhancing operational efficiencies of the hospital.

F inesse, a leading digital transformation solutions provider in the region is deploying an automated process for elevating the insurance eligibility administrative process experience at Zulekha Hospitals, one of the well-known healthcare facilities in the UAE. The solution is being deployed using Automation Anywhere, a global leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

The deployment of RPA solutions will help the hospital to automate the many manual and repetitive tasks that slow down the entire administrative process of insurance eligibility, by quickly extracting insightful information and delivering error free results. In fact, it is expected that as much as 30% of insurance processes or more will be automated in the near future and is a key aspect to be addressed as part of digital transformation eforts at healthcare facilities. The current investment in RPA are in line with the Zulekha group’s strong intent to continue playing a pivotal role in delivering quality healthcare in the UAE.

“With the aim of providing quality healthcare services to patients, Zulekha Hospital has implemented various technologies and is continuously seeking newer ways to enhance patient experience. In order to boost our capabilities, we are seeking a signifcant enhancement in our processes with RPA technologies. The insurance automation will add a new dimension to how we achieve greater efciencies, ensuring our patients are well taken care of and our employees are focusing on qualitative tasks instead of repetitive ones,” said Taher Shams, Managing Director at Zulekha Healthcare Group.

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