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Robotic Process Automation

Simple and Powerful Business Process Anywhere Automation tool for any Enterprise

The world is connecting everywhere and becoming better with implementing the Internet of Things (IoT). Enterprises are now making use of the IoT for better results and to understand value creation. Finesse's experienced RPA engineers and business experts provide a unique blend of skills and depth of understanding in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to help you with end-to-end RPA deployments for organizations in Saudi Arabia and throughout the world.

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Why Choose Us for RPA Implementation

  • Accuracy – Accuracy and uniformity, i.e., much less prone to error or typos.
  • Low technical barrier – No additional programming expertise is required to configure a bot.
  • Compliance – Bots follow regulatory compliance orders and give a history of the audit trail.
  • Improved employee morale – Workers can devote time to more engaging, exciting work.
  • Non-invasive technology – limiting the burden on IT because there is no invasion of the underlying legacy system.
  • Productivity – manual process approaches are much slower than Process cycle times.
  • Reliability – Without any interruption, Bots work tirelessly for 24×7.
  • Consistency – Routine functions are performed the same way each time.
  • Retention – Shifts towards more vital tasks.
  • Cross-industry – Since it follows processes in use, RPA can be used across industries.
  • Scalability –to match demand peaks and troughs, there is instant ramp up and down.
  • Operational process automation
  • Accounts payable
  • Data capture/ Verification
  • Claims/Returns processing
  • ERP automation
  • Data aggregation
  • Business intelligence (BI)
  • Reconciliation
  • Chatbot automation
  • Payroll processing
For a rapidly growing company, it’s vital to consider technology that will scale quickly. The experts at Finesse is a RPA leader that provides consultancy to help rapidly growing firms, and recommends solutions with that path in mind. With state-of-the-art network monitoring and management, issues can be identified and addressed before they become problems.

Robotic Process Automation Anywhere Software

With businesses shifting towards digital transformation, the industries benefit from Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as a whole. To strengthen businesses, RPA partners need suitable design, planning, and governance. It eliminates costs by copying people interactions, high-performance tasks, automates operational processes, reduces errors, and improves efficiency and performance. With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), firms can transform their business processes digitally, and the workforce can effectively focus on other high-value tasks. RPA takes the user interface for data capturing and critically analyzing the tasks regularly. It effectively interprets the actions and communicates to perform and save up on various repetitive tasks.

As your RPA Vendor, we have the solutions as below for your industry

Our Automation Anywhere’s RPA solutions can help you organize appointment scheduling and follow up with patients after they have been discharged from the hospitals. RPA solutions can ease up the entire administrative process of insurance eligibility, to help the hospital systematize all manual tasks and tedious chores. With Automation Anywhere’s RPA solutions, Finesse helped Zulekha Hospital improve its patient care and other services. Download PDF
Cross Industry
Automate routine activities and improve your company procedures by using Automation Anywhere’s RPA solutions. Digitize, automate, and accelerate customer and business processes.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Our RPA partners deliver 100% accurate data and provide data within a given time limit and cost. Limit errors by automating time-consuming manual tasks and processes with the help of our RPA Automation anywhere tools.
  • Digital transformation: With the world’s first unified intuitive and straightforward, unified digital transformation platform, modify the customer journey by delivering a complete digital customer interaction engagement at any point in time. With our RPA solution tools, Connect with your customers in a responsive and dynamic path right from document capture to approvals.
  • Web data extraction: Web data extraction: Finesse’s robotic process automation (RPA) tool for web data extraction is the eventual solution to automatically remove and integrate business-critical web data to inform firm decisions. With this powerful RPA automation anywhere tool, deliver more significant insights and research to your customers.
  • Customer onboarding: With our customer onboarding automation solutions, keep the customers engaged with a simple, flexible and intuitive onboarding experience, with anywhere automation tools. This RPA solution tool provides an accelerated onboarding process with a remarkable customer experience at a much lower cost.
  • Dynamic case management: Our RPA Solution tools manage complex, dynamic business processes and deliver exceptional customer service and business outcomes in Saudi Arabia and all across the globe. Our Automation Anywhere tool lets a firm dynamically control the workflow and procedures with on-demand requirements for efficient and instantaneous results.
  • Financial process automation: Boost productivity, lower costs, and increase visibility and control by Streamlining end-to-end financial processes. RPA Solution tools let you analyze, manage, and accelerate the economic operation, driving elevated business outcomes.
  • Process intelligence: With actionable insights, observe, analyze, and optimize the quality of your business processes.
  • Regulatory compliance: With the help of automation anywhere software, you can ensure the regulatory requirements and consistent application of business rules. With our RPA Solution tools, stick to a digital transformation solution and limit the chances of risk of fines or any other sanctions by automating the acquisition process and delivering critical data to the right target.
With our RPA solutions, automate onboarding, mortgages and loans, servicing and operations with banking solutions in Saudi Arabia.
  • By switching to our RPA solution tool to automate new account opening, account opening automation eliminates time-consuming account opening processes. This will improve customer experience, accelerate time and raise revenue. It will streamline the processing to onboard customers quickly and help build long term customer engagement.
  • Consumer loan automation: Modify the loan processing with an entirely new digital consumer loan experience, omnichannel assistance, and effective communication with clients. Automate the consumer loan origination and closing processes with our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions, thereby promoting an elevated customer experience over the years to come.
  • With RPA solution tools, mortgage processing automation streamlines the mortgage loan processing with the help of an entirely new digital consumer loan experience and omnichannel assistance. Automate the mortgage loan origination, closing, and servicing processes with little cost and time.
  • Customer self-service and assisted service: Via a single, open platform drive customer loyalty through a digital self-service/assisted service model. With automated data entry, the RPA solution tools let customers directly communicate with the bank, thereby stimulating loan application approvals, account opening, and improving accuracy and efficiency.
  • Financial data and equity research automation: for financial data and equity research help, explore the market-moving events in real-time, insights to market trends and customer behaviors with our unitized design robotic process automation (RPA) tool. To inform investment decisions, It automatically extracts and integrates web and proprietary financial data.
  • Wealth management transformation: Accelerate onboarding and wealth management processes by adopting a highly flexible and dynamic RPA solution tool to enhance overall efficiency, profits, and customer satisfaction. Provide superior service to high net worth clients by Streamlining paper-based onboarding processes.
  • Customer due diligence automation: The best way to comply with the growing regulations is by leveraging robotic process automation (RPA) for banking and insurance processes to match customer due diligence requirements. Save money and time by Limiting unwanted manual tasks and duplicate processes.
  • Branch capture transformation: Simplify remote branch capture and generate a better customer experience. Position a branch and teller capture method that will permit your organization to keep up to par with the quickly evolving digital banking environment. Our RPA solution tool will let you enhance your operational efficiency and elevate your customers’ experience.
  • Trade management optimization: From financial message handling to meeting transactions, turn to a digital transformation platform to upgrade trade process transparency, handle exceptions, and deliver high-speed processing and effective results. Our RPA solution tool enhances global trade management processes for financial services institutions for a more significant operational benefit.
  • Operational reporting and compliance: Robotically assemble and merge compliance information for banking and insurance to match regulatory reporting demands. Through integrated process automation ensures consistent application of business rules and regulatory compliance standards.
With robotic process automation (RPA) tools, automate and digitize your government services.
  • Government application automation: Appoint our RPA solution tool to electronically automate your complete application process, limiting manual work and simplifying your application processing. Enhance constituent engagement while you automate, streamline and fasten up your government application process.
  • Public assistance: Improve your firm’s processes with automated process automation anywhere tool which lets you capture and build case files, maintain these files electronically, analyze and upgrade operational efficiency and speed up document processing to match the constituent needs. Automate every feature of your public assistance programs to serve constituents better.
  • Public safety and law enforcement: With our Automation, anywhere tool, share timely and correct information across jurisdictional boundaries with maximum protection of sensitive data. Our robotic process automation (RPA) tool enhances communication and data access to safely and efficiently provide and defend your community.
  • Medical claims processing: Simplify the digitization, validation, conversion, and intelligent routing of paper medical claims. Our medical claim processing tool makes it smarter and faster to handle requests with fewer people and improved accuracy, enhancing subscriber satisfaction while growing margin.

RPA Insurance solutions –

Automated Claim Processing RPA partners insurance solutions automate onboarding, claims processing, servicing and operations.
  • Digital mailroom: Position the digital mailroom software and transform incoming insurance policyholders or claims documents into usable electronic information. Gain actionable analytic insights through the RPA solution tool and Leverage process automation to limit exceptions and simplify the movement of documents.
  • Property and casualty claims processing automation: Develop the process of your property and casualty assets service by setting up a digital path that can radically limit your costs and simplify settlements through a single powerful platform. Robotic process automation (RPA), Automate the insurance claims process tool to drive efficiencies and keep customers engaged and informed.
  • Health and injury claims automation: Establish robotic process automation (RPA) platform, which will streamline health and insurance claims processing with enhanced speed, accuracy, and visibility across your claims process and reduce unwanted costs. Simplify the digitization, validation, conversion, and intelligent routing of paper medical claims.
  • Customer engagement and policy management: Establishing robotic process automation (RPA) tools by perfectly integrating information from different sources and delivering in the channel of your client’s choice allows you to improve customer service while saving time and money. Engross customers with personalized onboarding, claims and policy management communications.
  • Customer self-service: with our RPA solution tool, we empower insurance policyholders, agents and brokers through self-service and speed up policy applications to claim initiation. Raise customer onboarding by establishing a unified platform to improve the experience of insurance customers via self-service options.
  • Applicant-Agent-Producer onboarding automation: Automation Anywhere software quickly verifies applications, manages processes or insights, and makes alterations to improve the customer experience. Engross insurance applicants with a streamlined, flexible and intuitive onboarding experience.
  • New business underwriting automation: Our RPA tool lets you automate new business underwriting procedures while leveraging underwriting rules and threats analytics in real-time. Entitle underwriters with quick, efficient access to information and comprehensive risk analysis.
  • Customer due diligence automation: The end solution to obey the extreme increase in regulations is leveraging the robotic process automation (RPA) platform for RPA insurance processes. Limit unnecessary manual tasks and save more money and time. Onboard insurance customers quicker and adapt to changing Customer Due Diligence needs.
  • Branch capture transformation: Establish a branch and teller capture solution that will help your organization align with the quickly progressing digital environment. This RPA solution tool will assist you to boost your operational efficiency and customers’ experience. Simplify insurance branch capture and create a more significant customer, agent and broker experience.
  • Operational reporting and compliance: Automate information aggregation to comply with rising regulations more accurately, with Automation Anywhere software. Automatically gather and merge compliance information for banking and RPA insurance to match the reporting demands. This robotic process automation (RPA) platform confirms the consistent application of business rules and regulatory compliance standards.

For more details on Robotic Process Automation(RPA) in Saudi Arabia and across the GCC region, get in touch with Finesse., Contact us today at info@finessedirect.com

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