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Enterprise Content Management Solution

Providing Enterprise-grade Scalability & Performance with Flexible Content Management Solutions and Services

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) offerings are significant to every organization to manage and maintain the unstructured data and information. Finesse Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions in Dubai are designed to orchestrate a well-planned implementation whilst harmonizing it with the ongoing processes. Finesse ranges from consulting to end-to-end implementation of enterprise content management and business process management solutions, upgradation, data migration, integration, administration, and managed services


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    Enterprise Content Management Solutions by Finesse

    Why Choose Us

    • Document Management System (DMS)/ Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
    • Image capture and digitization
    • OCR and indexing
    • Enterprise archival
    • Business Process Management (BPM)
    • E-forms
    • Records management
    • Application decommissioning and archiving
    • Upgrades and migrations
    • Digital capturing of data and storing in a digital repository
    • Availability of data regardless of device or location
    • Automate data and expedite business processes
    • Secure data and reduce organizational risk
    • Increase employees’ productivity

    Enterprise Content Management Solutions with Finesse in Dubai

    Our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions help you manage all of the unstructured content or information in your enterprise. This information exists in many different forms as paper documents, text documents, engineering drawings, XML, still images, audio and video files & many other file types and formats.

    Enterprise Content Management(ECM) system manages this content and the content from other enterprise applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and enterprise portals. It adds intelligence by creating categorization schema, metadata, and tags that make search and retrieval faster and more efficient. ECM also manages the review, revision, and approval process for any piece of content according to user-defined business rules capability known as workflows & lifecycle management.

    By managing all contents in a single repository, it makes it easier to retrieve, share, and reuse information. Find information by means of full-text searches, keywords, database style SQL queries, and Windows Explorer-like navigation through disk directories, secure and controlled access to information.

    Our archiving solutions allow enterprises to secure and manage massive information in compliance with industry and corporate retention policies and mandates through a single system and integrated interface. Our enterprise content management systems in Dubai enhance flexibility and performance, improve customer service, and save time and resources.

    For more details on Enterprise Content Management Solutions and Services in Dubai, UAE, contact us today at info@finessedirect.com