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Robotic Process Automation

RPA is a software-driven technology that connects programs, applications, and business processes. It works by capturing user knowledge from the current software system or application and automating predetermined operations.

Incorporating automation into companies increases efficiency and accuracy by providing a network of virtual assistants that can execute basic chores that would otherwise require human interaction.

Harness the Power of Business Process Automation with the Right Automation Strategy

The Internet of Things (IoT) is connecting the world and making processes and gadgets smarter. Businesses realize the potential of IoT and want to harness the power of automation to make their business processes more competent and efficient. At Finesse, our experienced RPA engineers and business professionals bring in a unique mix of expertise and an incredible depth of knowledge in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to help you with end-to-end RPA implementations for companies in the US and other parts of the world.

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Why Choose Finesse for Your Automation Strategy?

  • High levels of accuracy minimizes the occurrence of typos and errors.
  • It does not require the user to know coding or programming to configure the RPA tools.
  • Complies with regulatory rules and also creates a trail for seamless auditing.
  • It does not affect the existing legacy systems and this means your IT department is not put under pressure.
  • It makes work more interesting and engaging and boosts team members morale.
  • It makes cycle times of process much faster compared to manually performing the processes.
  • Reliability is a hallmark as the bots work 24/7, ensuring that processes do not get interrupted.
  • Consistency in performing routine tasks.
  • Its flexibility makes it suitable for any sector to create an automation strategy since software executes processes.
  • Can be scaled up or down based on demand
  • Encourages team member retention as employees can focus on more interesting tasks.
  • Automate operational processes
  • Capture and verify data
  • Process claims and returns
  • Make payments
  • Automation of ERP
  • Collate data from different sources
  • Business intelligence
  • Reconciliation of accounts
  • Process payroll
  • Automate chatbots
Finesse has a team of experts who are proficient in RPA. They bring a wealth of knowledge and domain expertise to help you formulate your RPA strategy and integrate the application into your existing systems. The experts will understand your requirements and business to provide you with customized RPA tools.

Robotic Process Automation Solutions

As enterprises embrace digital transformation, industries realize the benefits of robotic process automation (RPA).RPA tools can strengthen businesses and make them more productive and efficient with proper planning, design, and monitoring.

RPA tools can easily copy the way people interact with one another. These tools can also perform routine tasks and automate processes. This minimizes the chances of errors and works to boost performance and efficiency. As a result, it brings down operational costs. Using Finesses’s robotic process automation solutions in the US, organizations can transform business processes so that their human resources can focus on high-value tasks rather than mundane tasks that add no value to the business. RPA uses a user interface to capture data and analyze tasks. It is smart enough to interpret actions and then replicate those actions to perform repetitive tasks.

Finesse: The Go-To RPA Solutions Provider

Finesse provides RPA solutions to a wide range of industries in the US and across the world. We have a strong focus on providing our clients with successful business process automation and optimization. One of the key components of our RPA application is the ability to automatically transfer data from existing systems into new or replacement software platforms without having to manually enter this information. Some of the industries that it caters to are:

In the healthcare industry, the right RPA solutions can streamline patient appointments, making patient examinations easy and hassle-free after they get discharged. Furthermore, With the help of robotic process automation, hospitals can embrace performance efficiency in repetitive and manual tasks and this which can speed up administrative processes, just as ascertaining insurance eligibility of patients. Finesse collaborated with Zulekha Hospital to optimize its services and patient care with the help of robotic process automation, and it reaped rich dividends for the hospital.
You can automate repetitive tasks with the right RPA solutions. Robotic process automation can help not only digitize and automate but also hasten front-end and back-end processes.
  • Using our RPA tools and strategies, you can automate manual tasks that are time-consuming and repetitive. This does away with errors and ensures you have access to accurate data. The speed at which the RPA tools deliver data reduces costs and the time taken to produce the data.
  • The unified platform enables engagement with its intuitive and simple interface. Businesses can easily connect with their customers and provide precise and prompt service, be it approvals or capture of documents.
  • Finesse also has an RPA tool for data extraction that allows businesses to extract data from large and multiple databases. The accuracy ensures better insights and decisions are taken. .
  • There is also an RPA tool to onboard customers. Here, businesses can use a simple yet intuitive tool to automate onboarding, which boosts customer experience and hastens the process. As a result, it reduces the overall cost of onboarding.
  • When organizations have dynamic and complex business processes, they can utilize our AI-powered RPA tool to manage operations and workflows to provide superior customer service and ensure favorable business outcomes.
  • RPA tools can streamline the financial process so that organizations enjoy higher productivity, higher control and visibility, and reduced costs. These tools enable decision-makers to analyze and have complete control over as well as speed up financial processes to superior outcomes
  • With our Automation, strategy and tool, organizations can keep an eye on business processes as well as analyze and optimize them with the help of actionable insights.
  • Finesse is a Kofax Robotics partner and this tool is designed to help businesses comply with statutory regulations. When companies embrace RPA, it minimizes the chances of infringing regulatory requirements and attracting fines and sanctions.
  • The banking sector can benefit from our RPA tools and solutions in the US as they can automate many processes, including operations, onboarding, servicing, mortgages, and loans. .
  • Make account opening a quick and simple affair by automating the opening of new accounts. It works to improve customer experience, speed up the process, and thereby increase revenue. That, in turn, helps to improve customer loyalty.
  • Loan processing can be cumbersome and tedious, but with RPA tools, it is possible to digitize consumer loans, provide assistance to consumers across different channels, and improve communications with customers. The origination and closing of loans can easily be automated, and which helps enhance the customer experience.
  • Mortgage processing may also be made more efficient by automating the process. This also enables the banking institution to assist consumers across multiple channels. Automating the entire mortgage processing works to save time and money. .
  • Banks can improve customer loyalty by adopting a self-service model using a single platform. This is possible by adopting RPA. It enables customers to interact with the bank without going through a third party. Implementing automation strategies does away with the worry of data accuracy and inefficiency.
  • Kofax Robotic Process Automation solutions can streamline research of financial data and equity. Financial institutions can get access in real-time to events that impact the market and get more information about customer behavior and trends. The tool automates data extraction from multiple sources to enable swift and prudent decision-making.
  • With the help of our automation strategy and tools in the US, the entire wealth management process can be streamlined and simplified with RPA tools. When processes are automated, it improves customer satisfaction, the efficiency of the institution, and customer satisfaction. RPA tools allowing financial institutions to serve high net worth clients better.
  • With regulatory bodies tightening compliance, it has become necessary for the banking sector to have a foolproof method to perform customer due diligence. RPA takes away the time-consuming processes of performing due diligence in the banking and insurance sector, saving time and money.
  • Branches located in remote areas can boost customer experience by using branch and teller RPA solutions. It creates a superior digital banking environment for consumers and improves the operational efficiency of the branch. This leads to high customer satisfaction.
  • Optimizing trade management can accelerate processing, ensure accurate and effective results, and bring transparency into the trading process. RPA provides an all-around improvement in the trade management process, enabling financial institutions to enhance their operational efficiency.
  • To comply with regulatory reporting, banks and insurance providers can automate the process of gathering and collating necessary data and information. Integrating our RPA tools enables banks and insurance companies to adhere to the regulations and compliance standards with relative ease.
  • To improve efficiency, you may automate any application procedure to streamline the process and eliminate manual labour. RPA works to accelerate and simplify the application process, and that improve engagement with the stakeholders.
  • Public assistance provided by governments can be streamlined and simplified with the adoption of robotic process automation. It can create and manage case files, perform analysis, and improve efficiency. Automating public assistance programs allows governments to serve people better.
  • Law enforcement agencies can use Finesse’s RPA tools to share information and improve the security of sensitive data. Through enhanced communication and information-sharing, communities can be served and protected better.
  • Automating medical claims processing can streamline the entire process as it enables swift validation and acceptance of documents. Automation in insurance guarantees that the providers and third-party vendors can process more claims without increasing headcount, and it boosts accuracy and enhances customer experience and satisfaction.

RPA for the Insurance Sector

Automation in insurance can accelerate onboarding and claims processing while ensuring operational efficiency.

  • A digital mailroom can transform customer claims and policies into digital documents that can be immediately directed to necessary departments for processing. Automation in insurance streamlines the way documents are handled and provides insights to enable appropriate actions.
  • Property and casualty claims can be automated to reduce costs and streamline the settlement process. This can be done using a single automated platform and works to improve efficiency and ensure better communication with customers to stay engaged.
  • RPA can process injuries and health claims. It accelerates the speed at which the claims are processed, improves accuracy, and keeps the entire process transparent. It avoids unwanted costs by streamlining the digitization of claims documents, automating the validation process, and routing documents to relevant personnel. .
  • Automation in insurance can work to improve customer engagement and management of policies. The onboarding process can be personalized, ensure that the claims process is handled more efficiently and swiftly, and communicate seamlessly with consumers about policy-related matters.
  • RPA can empower customers, brokers, and agents by channelling them towards self-service. Automation in insurance can accelerate the application and onboarding process and improve customer experience by providing them with an option to benefit from self-service.
  • The onboarding process can be automated entirely with RPA tools by Finesse. It helps to speed up the verification process and make changes as required to boost customer experience. It brings agents, customers, and insurance providers onto a single and unified platform that is accurate, effective, and robust.
  • Finesse can help automate new business underwriting and insurance providers can benefit by getting access to real-time risk analytics. As a result, underwriters can work faster and more efficiently while performing thorough risk analysis.
  • Due diligence is mandatory in the insurance sector and regulations are becoming more stringent. This can increase the paperwork and time taken to perform due diligence. Automating the process can eliminate manual tasks and also help insurance companies save time and money. It makes onboarding quicker while ensuring that insurance companies are in the know of changes in the requirements of customer due diligence.
  • Branches can be made more efficient if they adopt automation. It will enhance operational efficiency and ensure a superior experience for all stakeholders, including brokers and agents.
  • In-house compliance can be streamlined by automating the collection of data and generating reports that meet the requirements of operational reporting. Robotic process automation strategy ensures compliance and enables insurance companies to apply the regulations and rules without a hassle.

To find out more about our Robotic Process Automation solutions in the United States and how Finesse can bring about digital transformation, get in touch with us. You can reach us at info@finessedirect.com

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