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WhatsApp Business API

Deliver Exceptional Communication with WhatsApp Business API Solutions

Take your WhatsApp business messages to new heights with an “interactive” WhatsApp journey builder which integrates WhatsApp with your CRM. Reach to your customers through the world’s most popular messaging app.

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How Finesse WhatsApp Business API can help?

Our WhatsApp business CRM integration solution offers a variety of innovative usage scenarios for customer and target group communication and engagement. As a verified WhatsApp Business solution provider, Finesse offers high-end communication solutions that can help you.

Build customized conversational experiences to drive better engagement with the power of WhatsApp business API integration.

Deployment models offered

If enterprises integrate their WhatsApp business to their CRM applications, then they would be able to send out reminders and alerts through WhatsApp and automate the whole process. We, as authorized WhatsApp Business solution providers in Dubai, UAE, provide WhatsApp API integration solutions in the form of two deployment models:
“managed on-cloud” and “managed on-premise”

What can you do with WhatsApp

With the WhatsApp Business API integration, enterprise can create engaging customer experiences. Our WhatsApp enterprise solutions in Dubai, help business firms streamline the communication and customer experience.


Send out notifications e.g. periodic account summary, policy expiry, delivery tracking information


Carry out transactions such as travel booking, rescheduling a delivery, and account opening


Retrieve account balance info, profile information, product warranty details, tracking services, etc.


Help customers with “How to” questions, “I am unable to” concerns, “Can I” clarifications, and much more

WhatsApp business Services

Being the most dynamic platform, Finesse offers comprehensive WhatsApp Business API integration solutions to clients across UAE.

Service Workflow

Drive conversational chatbots to gather information.

Integration API

Integrate your live systems to cater to customer needs.

Chat Interface

Provide live support to your customers instantly.

Knowledge Repository

Respond to your customers using Al.

BPA Manager

Automate processes with zero code development.

NLP Manager

Support free form conversations to interpret requests.

WhatsApp Business API feature set

Rich Messaging
Interact with your customers through rich messages with images, videos, files, and much more.
Share documents, such as invoices, receipts, account statements, terms, and conditions that your customers request with ease. Upload or receive documents in PDF, DOC(X), PPT(x), XLS() formats.
You can now not only enable your customers to locate your store or branch, but also provide delivery services in real-time by allowing your customers to share their location proactively to avoid missed deliveries.
Allow your customers to speak to the right person at the right time with the feature to share contacts effortlessly.


WhatsApp values the privacy and security of customer data. Messages between WhatsApp users are protected with an end-to-end encryption protocol so that WhatsApp themselves and any third party cannot get access to the message. This is done using an encryption key that only the sender and receiver exchange. All types of WhatsApp messages, whether it is a group chat, or a file, are protected by this security protocol. For added security, WhatsApp users also have the option to verify keys and WhatsApp servers have no access to this data. WhatsApp does not store messages once they are delivered, all message data in the WhatsApp cloud is transient.

As an authorized WhatsApp Business solution provider in Dubai, UAE, with expertise on the WhatsApp Business API, we can help you interact with your customers on WhatsApp for customer support and personalized notifications.
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