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Finesse, a ‘Red Herring Global Top 100 System Integration company’ & ‘Winner of Integrator ICT Champion Software Solutions Integrator – 2014’ provides Technology Solutions and services to Banking, Education, Energy, Healthcare, Hospitality and Retail segments.

Finesse solution offerings are primarily focused on:


  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Enterprise Content & Business Process Management
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance areas





Finesse believes in Unified communications and is determined to deliver business information and tangible value through:


  • Cloud-Ready Solutions
  • Mobile Devices
  • Social Media Platforms





Finesse helps its clients to optimize their business processes, reducing costs and revenue leakages: With proven experience and deep industry-specific expertise, Finesse Solutions and Services are exceptionally qualified to deliver innovation with measurable performance.


Finesse brings together advanced technology, robust infrastructure, a large pool of talent and a proven global delivery model to provide a wide range of IT services to its clients cost-effectively and seamlessly.


Finesse consultants possess excellent functional, operational, and technical knowledge in Banking, Education & Healthcare domain and the leading products / solutions currently used by global organizations. This experience has proven invaluable to Finesse clients as our teams identify and implementys industry best practices and leverage on real life experience to implement solutions that are proven and best suited to our clients;


Finesse system integration services include the supply, installation and integration of hardware, software, and onsite support services. Our services are backed by our partnerships with leading technology vendors such as Oracle, Microsoft, QlikTech, OpenText, Axe Finance, among others. Finesse implementation teams have relevant certifications and adhere to the best practices in terms of project execution, management and methodology.


Finesse helps its clients focus on their core business by providing end to end managed services for their technology environment & non core business processes. Our proposition goes far beyond the transactional benefits of resource outsourcing and we engage closely with our customers bringing our deep technology and domain expertise to all our engagements; This model helps our clients aggressively manage costs & risks, while continuing to innovate by developing new products & services.


Finesse operates globally through our offices spread across APAC, MENA & AMERICAS.


Our Vision

We stand to build a world-class institution to positively impact the lives of people around us.

Our Misson

Our Mission is to achieve our vision by

  • Delivering a superior experience at all touch points to our employees, customers and partners
  • Building a cohesive team at Finesse, where we genuinely care for each other and their aspirations
  • Enabling businesses by providing cost effective technology solutions anytime anywhere - On-premise, Cloud, Mobile or Social media
  • Focusing on Education, Healthcare and Financial services, the pillars of a society
  • Developing human capital and building collaborative teams through knowledge sharing.
  • Investing in research and development leading to technology innovation.
  • Contributing 1% of our revenue through Finesse foundation towards education and healthcare empowerment.
  • Raju Ramesh – Co-Founder & CEO More...
  • Sunil Paul – Co-Founder & COO More...
  • Sudheer Kumar Raju – Director & CTO More...
  • Sekhar Thodla , Strategic Advisor - Finesse Global More...
  • M K Bharatee - Program Director at Finesse Global More...
  • Eljo JP – Director, Business Development More...
  • Ajay Alex – Practice Head, BFSI More...
  • Arti Gupta – CLO & Head, Finesse Training More...
  • Ashok Sundaresan – VP, Techology More...
  • Manoj Panicker – Sales Head, India More...
  • Venkatraman A – Business Head, ECM Practise More...
  • Hiren Bhatia –Practice Head, Analytics More...
  • Lama Sheikh – Head, Support Services More...
  • Samer Dilkan – Senior Solution Architect More...

Industry Focus

  • Banking & Finance
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality

Finesse is a provider of innovative business and technology solutions to the global banking and financial services community. We leverage on our extensive technical and functional expertise to enable our clients using domain expertise and our large pool of experienced technology consultants.

Our BFSI practice presents a wide range of solutions service offerings covering retail banking, risk management, Payment systems, Chanel Management and Insurance. Our customers include most of the leading local international banks in our operating region.

Finesse maintains a vibrant partner ecosystem with major banking solution vendors to ensure best-in-class solutions to our customers. We continuously invest in centers of excellence, solution accelerators and training to remain at the cutting edge.

Our BFSI Portfolio Includes the following:

  • A : Core Banking System
  • B : Internet Banking
  • C : Private Banking

    / Wealth Management
  • D : Mobile Banking
  • E : Credit automation

    / Credit scoring
  • F : Retail Sales Automation
  • G : Customer Experience
  • H : Regulatory reporting (IFRS)
  • I : Basel II, Basel III
  • J : Anti-Money

    Laundering (AML)
  • K : Financial Fraud detection

    and Prevention
  • L : Co-Operative Banking

    and Microfinance
  • M : Insurance

Our focus on Education is in line with our vision to touch lives of people and make a difference to the society. As part of our offering we aim to bring transformational technology to provide world-class learning environment.

Our Education portfolio includes the following

  • A : Content Management
  • B : ERP Solutions for institutes
  • C : E-learning Portals
  • D : User Engagement and coursework portal
  • E : Educational Instruments & Aids
  • F : Infrastructure Provisioning

With our learning solutions designed to fulfil the requirements of the complete learning ecosystem comprising of students, teachers, administration and parents we are committed to unveil a new world of knowledge.

Informed care to patients! The health care portfolio of Finesse is a Technology driven ecosystem consisting of all healthcare providers, payers, life science research organizations, medical & nursing colleges, drug/clinical suppliers, medical device engineering organizations and independent practitioners etc

We keep patients at the centre while suggesting Services, Applications & Technology. Our focus is to provide healthcare IT services and systems to improve financial performance, process efficiency and patient outcome.

We provide systems for clinical workflow, practice management, pharmacy automation, care management, medical supply management, payer integration, patient billing as well as financial and business management.

We also bring relevant skills & experience for device integration like HL7 etc. which is essential for a seamless solution fitment. We are committed to exploring opportunities together with partners that can provide our customers with exceptional healthcare services at competitive value and cost. We are able to transition legacy system to cutting edge technology at component level by using hybrid engineering frameworks with out comprises on care provisioning ability of providers.

Our experience in working with care providers ensures that we bring a deep understanding of point of care issues that are imperative for good solution architecture. With collaborative decision management and connected care, we strive to be your healthcare technology partner for the years to come.

As a global provider of innovative business & technology solution we at Finesses have a vibrant eco-system with world class hospitality solution providers. We provide our clients with best-in-class solutions both on hardware and software side, Back-office, Front-office, F & B, Interactive Guest Systems as well as social media command centre.

Our Hospitality portfolio includes the following:

  • A : Interactive Guest System
  • B: PMS
  • C: PoS
  • D: CRM
  • E: Loyalty Management Program
  • F: Predictive Analytics
  • G: Social Media Analytics
  • H: Mobile Booking

Technology Focus

  • BI & Analytics
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance

Finesse offerings enable enterprises to equip their decision-makers with the right information at the right time in the right context to significantly improve the quality of decision-making.


We can help you to optimize your enterprise performance and respond to opportunities and threats. Our team works closely with you to design your enterprise wide Business Intelligence strategy, build an optimized data warehouse, and then integrate with Information delivery tools. Our expertise & processes combined with our domain knowledge makes us the preferred partner to our global customers.


We offer complete Business Intelligence & Analytcs programme from strategy to execution.


  • Business Intelligence strategy
  • BI Blueprint, BI Health Check, Business Process Analysis, Business Case Modeling & Capacity Planning
  • Business Intelligence Technology
  • Master Data &; Meta Data Management, Data Architecture, Data Quality Management.
  • Analytics Model Building
  • Business Intelligence Operations
  • Build BI Competency Centre
  • Provide BI Life Cycle Services
  • Analytical Model Testing & Deployment
  • Business Intelligence Content
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Gain real-time business insights, Customer insights, Competitive insights and make more informed business decisions.


Our portfolio ranges from consulting to end-to-end implementation of ECM & BPM solutions, up-gradation, data migration, integration, administration & SLA driven technical support.


Finesse Enterprise Content Management includes the following:


  • EIM / ECM Consulting
  • Archival and Imaging
  • Document Management & Business Process Management
  • Content Migration
  • 24 / 7 SLA Driven Support
  • End to end Records Management as a service.






Our core competence lies in value addition we bring to your business through Business Process Analysis, Implementation & Project Management, Custom development, User Interface development, Customizations, Data migration, Deployment and maintenance support.


We have designed and implemented several business process automation solutions to our clients. These include customer on-boarding, accounts payable, shared services, procurement, human resource management, trade finance and public sector case management.

In the current turbulent economic conditions, more regulations, guidelines and management policies are on the way, demanding transparency, accurate information, robust and comprehensive risk management, regulatory compliance and efficient governance.


Our GRC portfolio includes the following:


  • FATCA [ The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act]
  • Policy & Procedure Management, Audits
  • Market Risk, Credit Risk, Information Risk
  • Basel II & III
  • IFRS
  • Sarbanes Oxley
  • Operational Risk
  • Information Security
  • Digital Forensic, Crime detection & Prevention
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Strong / Multifactor Authentication, Digital Signatures
  • Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions




  • Cloud
  • Mobile
  • Social Media

Our Cloud offerings are based on Pay By Use model, enabling our clients to have huge cost savings while having the advantage of accessing their information Anytime, Anywhere.


We can provide our cloud solutions based on our client’s unique requirements and can deploy on various models including:

  • Private Cloud

  • Community Cloud

  • Public Cloud

  • Hybrid Cloud


Our cloud offerings include of SaaS ( Software as a Service), PaaS ( Platform as a Service) or IaaS ( Infrastructure as a Service).

With the popularity of Tablets and smartphones, all businesses now increasingly provide their relevant systems and information to their customers, employees and partners.


Our team sits with you to understand your business model and design & develop solutions that are best suited for your requirements.


We deploy our solutions through all platforms including iOS, Android, Blackberry etc..

As Social Media has come up as the most popular communication platform, institutions are exploring innovating models to harness enormous business opportunities created by them.


We help our clients in the following:

  • Reduce marketing & operating cost by leveraging on Social Media Channels

  • Enhance product / service offerings by analyzing customer’s relationships & behaviors.


Our approach focuses on following a detailed roadmap for delivery, from planning through design, implementation and monitoring to ensure the success of the initiative.


  • Corporate Performance Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Information Rights Management
  • Retail Sales Automation
  • NESA Compliance GRC Solution
  • Field Force Management

Finesse Solutions for Corporate Performance Management

An optimal financial performance solution, is not a point solution to support financial planning, budgeting and reporting but a broad platform with built in intelligence and processes to support multiple inter related applications in the office of finance and beyond. A platform that can be deployed pervasively throughout the entire organization, to help to have more insights, to reduce risk, to increase transparency and efficiency, and ultimately reduce costs.

The core principles of a good CPM solution are:

• Simplexity: Simplify the complexity that customers face from the business processes and from technical perspective.

• Openness and Multi-platform: Giving the customer the freedom to select the technology platform of their choice to run the solution and the ability to easily integrate the solution with any other systems.

• Innovation: There is no future for a product without innovation. Innovation without disruption of critical business processes is the way ahead. The three technologies that are bringing a revolution in our personal as well as business life are InMemory changing the way we process data; Mobility - the way we access it and Cloud - the way we deploy and maintain it.

Some of the benefits which you get from a good CPM are:

• Link operational activities with business strategy without complex integration

• Go beyond finance (i.e. use pervasive and detailed budgeting, planning & forecasting processes across even the largest enterprise)

• Manage communication and collaboration across multiple finance processes

• Link tasks and activities to both budget objectives and actual performance

• Improve control and workflow of activities and processes across the enterprise

• Unify consolidation, reporting, budgeting and forecasting processes

• Gain flexibility to adapt to meet new business requirements quickly

• Manage external compliance, disclosure and financial reporting from single source

With deep knowledge of finance processes, regulatory requirements, performance management and the technologies to deliver financial intelligence, Finesse is uniquely qualified to help the Office of Finance and beyond and add value to SMEs and large enterprises.




Finesse Solutions for Human Capital Management

Finesse HCM Solution brings in smart working with the power of automation and interactivity. It comes equipped with a powerful workflow engine that provides facility to set escalations & reminders. It is multi-lingual, facilitates easy access to various forms in the application, allows you to design new reports & analytics & recognizes your time zone.

At Finesse, we strive to provide a professional, cost-effective approach to human capital management (HCM) and creating value for our clients.We help organizations and business leaders maximize organizational human performance and thereby deliver business growth by automating routine HR and employee processes, allows managers and employees to directly access key functional business processes, information and business intelligence / reports

Our Solution Portfolio includes :

• Employee Self-Service Portals

• Cloud HCM

• Mobile HCM

• Workforce Management

• Payroll Management

• Performance Management

• Talent Development Management

• HR Analytics Solution

• Attendance Management

• Recruitment Management

• Social Collaboration Management

• End-to-End HR - Services & Outsourcing

We even offer a suite of HR Services including Talent Acquisition, Temporary Staffing, Shared Services, Payroll Management, HR Data Management and HR Automation.Owing to our domain experience, we understand your needs, speak your language and offer best-fit talents and solutions.




FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act), is a new legislation from the US government signed in to law on 18 March 2010, was enacted to prevent offshore tax abuses by U.S. persons (citizens and tax-payers). It includes a 30% withholding tax on certain foreign entities that refuse to disclose the identities of these U.S. persons. Foreign Financial Institutions - FFIs (i.e FIs outside US) were required to comply with FATCA by January 2013 and start periodic reporting of US accounts and undertake withholding on eligible payments to non-FATCA compliant banks and customers

The overall purpose of FATCA is to detect, deter and discourage offshore tax abuses through increased transparency, enhanced reporting and strong sanctions. The ultimate goal of the legislation is for the United States to obtain information with respect to offshore accounts and investments beneficially owned by US taxpayers rather than to collect any tax through the new withholding regime.


Four Pillars of FATCA:


  • Classification
  • Due Diligence
  • Withholding
  • Reporting





FATCA is not just a challenge, It is an opportunity: to improve customer data quality & availability to open a new dialog with customers, to transform compliance in this area. FACTA will have major implications for customer data quality and availability. Finesse has already completed the process of analyzing how its solutions can be architected to support the various components that make up the FATCA legislation and is building solutions to help firms comply in 2013.

Finesse Solutions for Information Rights Management

In this age where organization are investing heavily in infrastructure to protect its digital assets, we have a radical new approach in securing the information, where the banks have total control on its information and its security is never compromised. Orgsanisaton can now set their information security policies and ensure that the same is adhered and enforced both within their organization premises and moreover the same information security policies is enforced when its outside the organisation.

The Solution allows enterprises to define, implement & audit information usage “policies”.

An “Information Usage policy” defines :

• WHO can use the information

• WHAT can each person do with the information

• WHEN can he use the information

• WHERE can he use the information from.

Our Solution - Seclore FileSecure protects information from leakage due to malicious intent, errors and omissions, as well as lack of awareness, by providing a persistent, information-locked method of protection.

Finesse, through its FileSecure Information rights Management Solution (IRM) from Seclore, offers to address these issues for an organization. This FileSecure solution is a distributed document usage control system, which can control document usage rights for documents distributed within and outside of the enterprise. These rights can be changed or revoked, even after document dissemination. FileSecure IRM empowers individual users to be in full control of the document’s usage, for information owned by them. After creating the document, the document/information owner can set specific usage rights for specific users and distribute the document/information with full confidence that the usage rights will be applied on the document/information every time it is accessed, regardless of where the document/information or its copy is physically present.




Finesse For Retail-Banking!!

Finesse always has been at the forefront offering best in cutting edge technologies for BFSI sectors in the MENA. Partnering with London based OnCorpInc has strengthened Finesse offering game changing revolutionary solution for retail-banking sector. This development empowers Finesse in offering products and solutions that we believe can help you exploit opportunities in the retail-banking market furthermore. This can give your business an unprecedented advantage over your competitors.

Finesse offers business-focused Sales oriented tools to help you manage and uplift your sales drive and we are the only company to offer this service in the MENA region in collaboration to a sales strategy.

Some of the solutions are :

MAXIM bsi 1

It is for cross selling and for penetration for RM/personal or retail banking advisory, and other outdoor selling staff who sell their bank's retail banking products in branches or outside branches.

It is used in sales meetings in front of the customer, compares one retail banking product to a competitor's product instantaneously, feature by feature, giving you the seller the upper hand in the conversation with your customer, helping you to win the sale



SalCre Analyst

SalCre Analyst fills the GAP between Sales and Credit/ Ops allowing the customer facing advisor/sales agent to win more sales, beat competition and penetrate deeper. Traditionally it takes two to four days of time to make decision on an application while leaves significant room for the customer to shop around and look for better product from competition and furthermore, this traditional way of sales activity slow down sales people’s performance due to application submission that have not yet been approve but with very high hope that submitted applications would be approved.

SalCre brings significant ease on the process flow allowing Credit and Ops to deal only with applications which are pre-approved or likely to be approved. This improves TAT from two to four days to few minutes. This removes the junk data/non-credit worthy customer entering the process flow system of the bank. SalCre Analyst establishes customer and market centricity and positions the bank to stand up to overcome market-competition and win more customers. This also eliminates the possibilities of product being uncompetitive and saleable as research suggest that customer would be more open and likely to business with banks which not only acknowledge the customers but gives them quick decision on their credit applications.


Finesse Solutions for NESA Compliance!!

NESA, The National Electronic Security Authority, UAE aims at improving national cyber security by producing a set of standards and guidance for government entities in critical sectors. Compliance with these standards is mandatory for regulators, CII Operators, and other relevant participating stakeholders who support critical national services in various sectors.

Understanding this new regulatory mandates Finesse along with MetricStream is ready to provide a centralized NCRMF framework on the market leading GRC Platform.

The MetricStream Solution provides timely, actionable information to proactively address national cyber risks against corporate objectives.

This is done by :

• Automating and rationalizing cyber risk management processes with support for a federated risk analysis within units.

• Giving detailed visibility in risks, risk factors, mitigating controls and metrics (KRIs, KPIs etc.) with rich context.

• Automating the entire IT risk management process and workflow, right from risk identification and assessment scoring to mitigation and reporting.

Using the MetricStream NESA Solution, organizations can quickly establish a consistent and repeatable threat management process.




Finesse Field Force & Task Management Solution :

Most businesses constantly strive to improve processes, deliver better service, provide the best experience for their customers and generally move upward and onward. But over the years, this continued to remain a long and tedious process.

Today's customers on the other hand, want instant gratification and they expect errors to be rectified and their concerns to be addressed rapidly and succinctly across multiple channels. If you or your business is looking for new ways to improve customer service, amplify employee productivity and increase your ROI, look no further than EFFORT.

Our Solution, EFFORT is an effective, strategic mobile application which connects your back office to your field workforce. It caters to industries with field force-intensive operations teams. It helps them "do more with less", increase customer satisfaction and proactively manage the workforce on the field while imultaneously reducing operational costs.

Some of the benefits include :

• Instant field updates

• Increased Customer Satisfaction

• Improve employee productivity

• Higher ROI

• Mobile Data Capture

• Ready to roll

• Easy Job scheduling & dispatching

• Connect Field Staff with End Customer & Backoffice

• Easy Collaboration

•Effective Route Mapping





  • BPO
  • HR Solutions
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Managed Services
  • Outsourcing
  • System Integration
  • Training & Development

Banking BPO


Manage Post Dated Cheques


We provide a PDC management service which includes data required for presentation of PDC for clearing, pulling of cheques due for presentation, reconciliation and validation of details such as dates, EMI, bank etc, batching of cheques by location/presentation center. Our efficient PDC management service will facilitate reduction of your headcount and costs, provide complete SLA driven outcome with defined results and responsibilities, allowing you to focus on more important business activities.


Cheque Processing


Our Cheque processing services will take care of all activities from scanning, verification, data entry and reporting, handling of returned cheques to reconciliation and storing of cheques.


Cash Management & Remittance Unit Services


We provide various services pertaining to Cash Management and Remittance units varying from scanning of documents to checking and verification.


Credit Analysis Services


Our credit analysts can carry out critical evaluation of Financial Statements/Cash Flow statements/Feasibility studies etc through the application of well-developed investigative and analytical abilities. Further they evaluate annual reports and audited financials and complete loan applications while checking correctness of approved limits.



Our BPO Practice encapsulates the following:

  • A 7 step 3 Phase methodology that delivers pre-transition to end state in a clean and concise cut over
  • We address structure, process, technology and culture as strategic pillars with appropriate measures.
  • An embedded and detailed set of frameworks, templates and best practices.
  • Measurable milestones to track progress.

We Strive to provide a professional, cost-effective approach to human capital management (HCM) and creating value for our clients. We have a variety of HR Services that can support all types of organizations that are looking to either outsource their HR service requirements, assisting them in their Greenfield HR projects, or providing them with consulting support and guidance.


Our HR services portfolio includes:

  • Talent Acquistion
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Shared Services
  • Outsourcing
  • Payroll Management
  • HR Data Management
  • HR Help Desk
  • Training and Performance Management
  • HR Automation

For our customers we manage the entire HR process including on-boarding, payroll, compliance, & management reports.

In today’s business environment managing your infrastructure is critical to ensure that your users stay productive and on the ball. Any degradation in infrastructure availability has both internal and external implications in terms of missed deadlines and unhappy customers. Finesse provides both the breadth and depth of capabilities to ensure that you have service levels at par with the best in the industry. We have a variety of pricing models ranging from per-user, per device, tiered and composite that can suit your ability to measure your cost models on a range of parameters. Our preventive maintenance plans are designed to ensure that your asset service life is enhances substantially thereby giving customers CAPEX savings.


Our Infrastructure Management services ensure the following:

  • That the customer enjoys best in class service levels consistently along with a great user experience.
  • That real time business demands are supported with a resilient technology platform.
  • Optimization of operations to rationalize service delivery costs.
  • Effectiveness in deploying investments, resources and skill sets.

Finesse provides multi-discipline professionals with the required experience knowledge and capability to successfully plan deliver and manage a wide range of projects from simple refurbishment or upgrade projects to complex integration projects. We will manage the design and construction process with razor sharp program management and cost effective project implementation. We also employ a tiered pricing model that is very popular with our customers. We build several bundled package of services that incrementally provide more offerings and value to the customer.


Our Value Proposition ensures the following:

  • Reduction in time and cost of resource on-boarding
  • Manageability of head count limitations with contingent hire model
  • Reduction in attrition at joining stage
  • Flexibility to focus on core tasks and thereby enhance productivity
  • One point contact for all of the customer’s resource needs

Outsourcing is no longer a considered undertaking. It has moved to being part of a mainstream business strategy. New scenarios are shaping the outsourcing industry like never before. More efficient and cost effective delivery models have been coming into play. We are positioned as strategic partners in a client’s outsourcing endeavor by having a clear understanding of their pain points and needs. This enables us to create and deliver reliable and sustainable business solutions.

Our Systems Integration practice helps customers manage their toughest integration challenges across the technology lifecycle. From requirements to architecture, testing to deployment and beyond, we bring an integrated, “cross organization” perspective to every project. We help customers become operationally responsive with a process and solution centric approach. The key facet to our solution design is the architecture component. We are able to envision the customer scenario end to end and plug the gaps with endpoint transformation in mind. All along we are conscious of the pain of change management in the process and work closely with user groups to overcome these challenges. We bring a deep understanding of the underlying business issues that must be addressed for an architecture-level initiative to be effective. We have also created our own architecture model center model and framework to manage these components of our clients’ projects.


Our Systems Integration practice helps customers achieve the following objectives:

  • Adapt business processes efficiency and capabilities more quickly to provide the agility that a rapidly changing business environment demands.
  • Establish a standard foundation of systems and processes that cut across languages, geographic regions and regulatory environments to create a truly global enterprise.
  • Deliver information transparency, integrity and speed in order to support faster reporting and more effective, informed executive decision making.
  • Develop a service delivery model that takes advantage of cross

Our "Learning for Life" offering brings in a fresh perspective combining training with elements of consulting. The journey starts with planning where we confirm that training needs identified are in line with an individual’s current responsibilities and development plan. All programs are tied to business results and emphasize collaborative working. We develop bespoke modules after understanding the business situation and challenges currently being faced. Once the learning is facilitated, the impact is evaluated using our proprietary frameworks. Based on evaluation, intervention modules (if needed) are developed and delivered ensuring that the desired learning objectives are achieved.


Our training portfolio includes

  • Sales Training
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Personal Development skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Technology Skills
  • Functional Skills

News & Events

  • Events
  • Awards
  • In the News


Visit Finesse @ Global Innovation Summit 2015

01st September 2015 | Jumeirah Beach Hotel , Dubai

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Visit Finesse @ MEBIS 2015

14-15 September 2015 | Hotel Sofitel Dubai The Palm Resort , Dubai

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Visit Finesse @ GITEX Technology Week 2015

18 - 22 October 2015 | Dubai World Trade Centre

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Visit Finesse @ CeBIT India

29 - 31 October 2015 | BIEC, Bengaluru - India

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BigData Show

8-9 June 2015, DWTC, Dubai, UAE


9-10 June, ADNEC, UAE

Cards & Payments Middle East

12-13 May 2015, DWTC, Dubai, UAE

Qlik Talk - Unleash your Company’s Human Intelligence - Qlik Visualize Your World Event

Hotel Vivanta by Taj, MG Road, Bangalore, India | Friday, 29 May 2015

Global Operation Summit 2015

24 & 25th March 2015 | Dubai

SME World Summit 2015

18 & 19th March 2015 | Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai

QlikSense Launch

18th February | The Westin Dubai, Mina Seyahi

IBEX India

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Risk Management in Financial Services

07-8 Sept 2014 | Manama, Bahrain

Risk Management in Financial Services

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IDC Financial Services Summit

09th September 2014 | Jakarta, Indonesia.

Qlik Talk BI Insights

18th September 2014 | Kochi, India.

Middle East Banking Innovation Summit

29-30 September 2014 | Dubai, UAE

GITEX Technology Week

12-16 OCTOBER 2014 |Sheikh Rashid Hall, Dubai World Trade Centre


India's most definitive Banking Event..!!

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Finnoviti Banking Conference & Awards 2013, Taj Lands End, Mumbai on November 28th 2013.


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Submit your resume to:

1.Business Process Consultant

Job Description:

  • Bachelor degree from a reputable University.
  • 5 – 7 years experience in Business Process Management using recognized tools primarily on ARIS
  • Sound Knowledge of Business Process Re-engineering in banking industry
  • Writing skills for Business Process & Procedures
  • Good Experience in authoring procedures & Processes for Banking Products & Services
  • Good Knowledge in Accounting & Operational aspects of Banking Including Retail, Corporate & Operations.
  • Excellent analytical, Communication & Problem Solving Skills
  • Good Experience of Business Process and Process Flow in ARIS System

2.PMO Head

Job Description:

  • Review and Track Project Plan and Deliverables as per agreed schedule with Customer
  • Report Progress update to customer as an ongoing process
  • Responsible for driving all the changes though Change Management process
  • Contract/ Financial management focusing on P&L for the account, bringing in commercial value to the client.
  • People management - People transition, Team formation, on boarding & ongoing Performance Management of teams
  • Relationship Management – Interface with all the stakeholders internal and external and develop healthy working relationships

3.Governance Lead

Job Description:

  • Ensure Contractual compliance by evaluation and assessment of proposed solution against contractual requirement and business needs and proposing their alignment to customer business requirements.
  • Establishing Program Governance as per AIM framework and methodologies focused in the areas of Service Delivery management, Technology Management, Contract/Financial management, Vendor Management and Relationship Management.
  • Identifying and Assessing Program level risks and establishment of appropriate response to highlight and mitigate them.
  • Identify Favorable and non favorable clauses in the contract
  • Prepare Structure chart (Wipro and Customer)
  • Establish Escalation Matrix at all levels internal and External
  • Establish Communication Plan (Service Reporting Matrix)
  • Develop the Review Structure (Internal and External)

4.Project Manager

(PMP/Prince 2 Practitioner, Standard JD with 10-15yrs +experience)

Job Description:

  • Project Management Background
  • EAI - Integration projects - experience
  • Should have done projects in a banking environment
  • On the technical side the following will be desired but not a must to have:

  • Prior services implementation experience desired .Experience in the implementation of a EAI/BPM project /s will be an asset
  • A total experience of 10 yrs or more and at least 3-6 years in the EAI space.
  • Knowledge of IBM products like IBM MQ and MQ broker ,BPM 7.5 (Lombardi) ,Websphere Process server,Websphere services Registry and Repository(WSRR) desired.

Submit your resume to:

1. Business Analyst / SME - for Chemical/Oil Gas


    Should have working knowledge of

  • Petroleum refining technology (Crude Oil Distillation, C5/C6 Isomerization, Alkylation, Naphtha
  • Hydro treating, Diesel Hydro treating, Catalytic Naphtha Reforming, Fluid Catalytic Cracking,)
  • Refinery production planning using linear programming model
  • Fuel and loss calculations, Mass balance, Steam balance
  • Refinery process modeling and optimization, Oil Movement tracking
  • Management reporting, manufacturing analytics, Reliability analysis.


  • Knowledge of software such as PIMS, Petro-SIM, PetroFine, RefSys, Hysys, CrudeManager, Spyro, OSI ProcessBook, OSI DataLink etc would be preferred
  • Ability to define Requirements / Storyboards for Product Development
  • Ability to disseminate domain knowledge to development team and respond to queries of development team on requirements
  • Exposure to Software development methodologies would be an advantage

Submit your resume to:

Application Help Desk (Edmonton & Calgary)

Solution Tester (Edmonton)

Business Analyst (Edmonton )

Desktop / User Support (Edmonton & Calgary)

Business Intelligence Expert (Edmonton)

Regional Locations

  • MENA
  • APAC


Finesse LLC

2908/2909, Citadel Tower, Business Bay,

PO Box 35652, Dubai, UAE

Phone: +9714-3687855

Fax: +9714-3687858



Finesse ITLabs Pvt Ltd

First Floor , No. 446, 3rd Block, 8th Main,

Koramagala, Bangalore – 560034.

Phone: +91 80 25525594.



Finesse Pte Ltd #03-28, Block C, 1557 Keppel Road,

Singapore 089066

Mobile: +65 81610732,

Phone: +65 64231293



Finesse Technologies Inc. 10205, 100 Ave NW

Edmonton, AB T5J 4B5

Phone: +1-587-784-4614


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